Rose: An Elegant Symbol of Beauty, And Love And Prettiness

Rose: An elegant symbol of beauty, and love and prettiness

Rakhi Sharma and Awadhesh Kishore*

Institute for Development of Technology for Rural Advancement, Mathura-281004 (INDIA)

*Sarvoday Mahavidyalaya, Chaumuhan-281406, Mathura (INDIA)


Roses are elegant flowers and been appreciated for their beauty, and symbol of love and prettiness and also recognized as a symbol of peace and prosperity. Plant blongs to Family Rosaceae. Major classes of roses include Climber, Floribunda, Grandiflora, Hybrid Tea, Miniature, Mini-floras, Old Garden Roses, Polyantha, Polyanthas, and Shrub and Landscape.


Beauty, Botany, Flower, Love, Plant, Preetiness, Rosaceae, Rose, Taxonomy.

Roses are elegant flowers and been appreciated for their beauty. It is rose that have glory as being a symbol of love and prettiness. This flower is associated with various gods and goddesses like Brihma, Vishnu, Laxmi, Saraswati and Durga Hindu mythology and their Greek equal Aphrodite or Roman equal Venus. It is demanded high at the occasions like weeding and valentine day etc.

Rose is also recognized as a symbol of peace and prosperity. Times of India says, “Ever wondered that Mother Teresa, Christian Dior, Queen Elizabeth, and Jawaharlal Nehru all have one thing in common? They have a type of rose named after them.”

Roses blong to Kingdom Plantae (Angiosperms, Eudicots, Rosids), Order Rosales, Family Rosaceae, Subfamily Rosoideae and Genus Rosa. The genus Rosa is subdivided into four subgenera: Hulthemia, Hesperrhodos, Platyrhodon and Rosa. The common genera of roses which are identified to be very popular throughout the World for their beauty and prettiness are Rosa Banksianae, Rosa berberifolia, Rosa Bracteatae, Rosa canina, Rosa Caninae, Rosa Carolinae, Rosa Chinensis, Rosa Cinnamomeae, Rosa Gallicanae, Rosa gymnocarpa, Rosa Gymnocarpae, Rosa Laevigatae, Rosa minutifolia, Rosa persica, Rosa pimpinellifolia, Rosa pimpinellifolia, Rosa Pimpinellifoliae, Rosa roxburghii, Rosa rugosa, Rosa stellata and Rosa Synstylae.

Major classes of roses:

1. Climber:

Climbing roses facilitate for disguise designing of any garden. Usually They are growing on a trellis or fences. Climber roses are mostly very vigorous that can grow to even great heights.

2. Floribunda:

Floribunda also named as hybrid polyanthas, make any landscape design stand out with the most colorful of rose types.

3. Grandiflora:

The rose grandiflora is a cross between a floribunda and a hybrid tea types of roses. These are tall elegant plants.

4. Hybrid Tea:

When most of the people think of a rose, they think about hybrid teas because it is one of the most popular rose types.

5. Miniature:

As parallel to its name, miniature roses are the smallest rose plants The rage of their height remains between anywhere six inches and two feet.

6. Mini-floras:

Mini-floras is a newly recognized classification. But the roses in this class are not new. These roses of this class may be too large to be a mini, and also too small for a hybrid tea or floribunda rose.

7. Old Garden Roses:

The old garden roses are also known as antique or heritage roses. They have usually single petalled blooms on plants. The height of the plant may vary from 18 inches to over 20 feet. 

8. Polyantha: Polyanthas, the “petite” roses of yesteryear, are almost the forgotten class of roses. ‘The Fairy’, introduced in 1932is the best-known polyantha, The roses produce small, flat, double, light pink pom-pom blooms over a dense spreading bush.

9. Polyanthas:

Polyanthas, the “petite” roses of yesteryear, are almost the forgotten class of roses.

10. Shrub & Landscape:

Shrubs roses are coming in all shapes and sizes. Shrub and landscape roses work well to enhance beauty in any type of landscape. This category is a catchall group and has generally hybrids of species. The roses that do not fit nicely in other classes also categorized herein.

11. Tree Roses:

Tree roses are very elegant lining a walkway.  This type of roses rose is a lovely addition to the garden.