RS Ranged Combat Guide The Art of Using the Bow and Arrow in

Ranged combat is a standard feature of many online role playing games games. From the rangers of Everquest to the hunters of World of Warcraft, neverly every mmorpg provides a range character option to its players. Runescape characters can work on their ranged combat skills by equipping a bow or crossbow.

The ranged combat skill is increased the same way as the other skills in the game. The more a player uses a bow or crossbow, the more experience he gets and the better he gets with the weapon. The primary advantage of the ranged skill in combat is that a Runescape character can strike enemies from a distance

Runescape Bows and Crossbows

To start using ranged combat, a Runescape character needs a ranged weapon and ammunition. It also has to be the correct type of ammunition for the bow or crossbow that the character is wielding.. Because it is not hard to figure out whether a character needs bolts or arrows, the next thing a Runescape character needs to learn is the types of ranged weaponry available to him.

Free Runescape use all but 3 bows and only 2 crossbows. Those who have a monthly subscription have all the ranged combat skill options open to them. Paid members can use a variety of thrown weapons that gives them even more weapon options to raise their ranged combat kskill.

Every ranged weapon adds a damage bonus that adds to the hit point total of damage done by the arrows or bolts a Runescape character uses. For a character to do the maximum amount of damage possible both the bonus and the characters ranged skill level must be as high as possible.

Below is a list of the bows available to free members and their damage bonuses, according to the Global Runescape web site.

  • Shortbow, +8
  • Longbow, +8
  • Oak Shortbow, +14
  • Oak Longbow, +14
  • Willow Shortbow, +20
  • Willow Longbow, +20
  • Maple Shortbow, +29
  • Maple Longbow, +29

Runescape Ranged Combat Fun and the Dwarf Cannon

Ranged combat is one of the major combat skills for Runescape characters, but people who can find someone to sell Dwarven cannonballs to them or have the smithing trade skill might want to try shooting cannon balls at his enemies. Using a dwarven cannonball is fun, but the cannon requires a high ranged combat skill.

Raising ranged combat in Runescape is simply a matter or having the ammunition, equipping the weapon, and shooting the weapon at the target. What makes the difference is the weapons and ammunition the player uses. The higher a character’s skill in ranged combat, the more damage he will do with ranged weaponry.