RuneScape: Barbarian Assault

Barbarian assault is located in barbarian outpost. To get there you can either walk or use a games necklace. There are 3 worlds that are dedicated to Barbarian Assault: 6, 67 and 71.  The best world is 6 but it may take a while to log on though!


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To start this mini-game, you have to watch the tutorial given by Captain Cain. When you finish, go down and walk or run all the way to number 1. Here, you can either make your own group or join someone elses. If you want to have a higher chance of getting into a good team, you have to be a high level in a role or have a high combat.


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If you would like to make you own team, make sure you are pretty high levelled (about 90-138). When choosing a team, try to select players that are decent in level (about 80 or higher) and have a decent collector, attacker, healer, defender level. In your team, select 2 healers, not 2 defenders or collectors. Try to be a defender yourself as you are able to save the trouble of finding one as they are pretty hard to come by.


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As the attacker, I would recommend using magic or range. It is much easier as they give you the ammunition. If you are a meleer and are not that good at magic and range, just melee. You main aim is to attack all penance rangers and fighter. Your priority is to attack all the penance fighters and rangers attacking your team mates. Blow your horn constantly to tell the collector what colour to pick up (this is located on the top right hand corner of the screen as shown above on the right picture).

attackervendingmachine_1.gif penanceranger_1.png penancefighter_1.png

Images from Runescape and Runescape wiki.


As the defender, you have to kill all penance runners. This is not as easy as it looks as you have to stop the runners going out as your team will lose points. In my experience, I have let a runner go. My tip is to grab all the food from the compartments and start spam dropping all the food and lead them to the traps. Constantly repair the traps with a hammer and logs that re spawn near the area where all the penance monster appear from. Constantly blow the horn to tell the healer what food to give the penance healers.

defendervendingmachine_1.gifbarbarianassaultpoints_1.jpg penancerunner_1.png

Images from Runescape and Runescape wiki.


As collector, your job is to collect the eggs the penances drop when they die. When the attacker calls out the colour, stat picking up that colour. When your pouch is full, go to fill up the egg launchers located next to the traps (as seen above on the middle picture). Constantly blow the horn to tell the attacker what weapon or magic style to use.


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As healer, you have two roles: to heal your team and to kill the penance healers. To heal your team, you have to fill your empty vial at the pool. To get the vial, go to the dispenser with the green cross. A healer can heal themselves by drinking from the pool. To kill the penance healers, wait for the defender to tell you what food to feed the healers and grab the food from the dispenser. Constantly blow the horn to tell the defender what to feed the runners (if you use my defenders guide, you will not need to do this).

healervendingmachine_1.gif penancahealer_1.png

Images from Runescape and Runescape wiki.


When you get enough points I would recommend upgrading your level. The bonuses of a higher level is as shown:


Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4

Level 5


+1 damage

+2 damage

+3 damage

+4 damage

+5 damage


Range that Penance searches for food

Range that Penance searches for food

Range that Penance searches for food

Range that Penance searches for food

Range that Penance searches for food


Larger pouch

No chance of egg conversion

Larger pouch and 25% chance of converting an egg

Larger pouch and 40% chance of converting an egg

Larger pouch and 60% chance of converting an egg

Larger pouch and 85% chance of converting an egg


Able to heal 10 HP

Able to heal 15 HP

Able to heal 20 HP

Able to heal 25 HP

Able to heal 35 HP

You can also gamble with your points and receive an item(s). The item varies depending on if you bet the lower priced bet or the higher priced bet. The high priced bet gives you a chance to get a dragon chainbody!


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You can also buy elaborate armour. The most purchased of these is the fighter torso and penance gloves. The torso is a decent body that gives a strength bonus and is popular with low levels and penance gloves lower your weight!

fightertorso_1.png penancegloves_1.png

Images from Runescape wiki.

When to Dump a Team

In some points of time, you may want to dump your team. To know when it is the right time to do that, you have say if the other members of your team are doing things properly like if they are calling through their horn or even killing the penances! If they aren’t, then you know it is time to dump them.

The Queen

The queen is very difficult. Your team have to have good co-operation skills and you have to stay calm and have high health. Talk to your team by saying need health and where is the attacker/defender/collector/healer so I can give them the egg. You goal is to get the collector to collect the yellow eggs that pop around and give them to the healer. The healer has to put the egg into one of the green pools and pass it to the attacker. The attacker puts the egg into spikes and then give it to the defender to put into the lava and pass it back to the collector. The collector than has to put the egg in the egg launcher and shoot the queen. To give the egg, use the egg onto the other character. NEVER attempt to attack the queen unless with the egg.


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While killing the queen, the healers must constantly be healing or else this will not work. Keep grabbing eggs as one egg is not enough. Before the queen appears, you must kill ALL penances. The defender and attacker will have to constantly attack the penance spawns.


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Well I hope this was useful,