Runescape F2P Money Making Guide

Wondering how people making so much money on Rune Scape? Want to make as much money as them? Want party hats, Christmas crackers, and other rare items? Well this is a guide to tell you how to get there! In this article I will show the secrets of making millions of gold pieces ! You can also use this money for supplies if you want to Pk! The trick to making MILLIONS of gold pieces in Rune Scape is… Choose skills that you love most, and train them VERY harshly.
People end up making around 150m+ getting only 1 skill to 99! Below i will tell you what to do with the skills you have.
 I will only share a few methods.

Method#1- fishing
Fishing is one of the most popular ways to make money in f2p, your ultimate goal in f2p is to fish lobsters and swordfish.
Now I will tell you how to train your skills from 1-99 while making money!

Fishing:1-10, fish shrimps, you’re not making money but, you must have patience to get to your goal.
10-20, bait fishing, fish herring and sardines in dray-nor for experience and bank in the dray-nor bank.
20-40, fly fishing, the best way to gain experience from 20-99 even in p2p. Use this method to get 40 fishing and then you can fish lobsters for money

Method#2- Mining
In my opinion, the best to make money in f2p, one you can mine rune ores, you can make from 500k-1.1m per hour!

Mining:1-15, Mine copper ores, not bad money considering your mining level. Do this until you have a Mining level of 15
for iron ores.
15-41, mine iron, the reason I’m saying until 41 mining is because mining coal is harder so have a Rune pick-axe would be a
great idea. Iron ores are great way to make money and are amazing experience too!
41-60, Mine Coal, Great money and not bad experience. Another ore you can mine is gold, the most recommended place
is the crafting guild
now you keep mining coal or iron or whatever and you just mine adamant ores and Rune ores.

Thank you for reading my RuneScape money making guide I hope you make millions