Runescape Farming Guide A Beginner’s Primer to this Members-Only Trade Skill

The number of people who want to take up farming in the real world has been on a continual decline since the start of the Industrial Revolution. In fact, the number of mmorpgs that include farming as a trade skill can be counted on one hand. This is one area where Runescape, the simple free browser game, stands out above its competitors.

A player who wants his Runescape character to learn farming must pay for the privilege. Like herb lore and agility, farming is a members only skill. Starting a farming career in Jagex’s popular mmorpg is easy. All a characters need are the right tools.

Runescape Farming Tools

There are many items that are related to farming such as the watering pail, the gardening boots and the fruit storage basket, but not all of these tools are essential. What a farmer needs to raise successful crops are a spade, a trowel, a compost bucket, a watering can, rake, secateurs and seed dibblers.

As soon as a Runescape character has gathered these items, he must know where to begin farming. Fortunately, there are garden patches around the game where Runescape characters can fully engage their farming desires. Herbs can also be grown with the farming skill, although a character must have the herblore skill to make potions with them.

How Farming in Runescape Works

Seeds must be gathered or bought from a player, store, or the occasional mob drop, but simply planting in the seeds in the ground is not the only part to Runescape farming. A character must also take care of the plants or find a NPC farmer to take care of the plants for him. The price for this service is usually another farming product.

As with farming in real life, there are diseases that effect the Runescape plants, fortunately, some of the farming tools exist to cut off diseased branches, and a farmer can plant flowers to help protect boost the resistances to many of the plant diseases found in the Runescape world.

Scarecrows, a Must for Farming in Runescape

Because the designers could think of nothing else to put them under, birds are considered a disease under the Runescape farming skill. Erecting a scarecrow on a player’s patch of land will help keep them away. To make a scarecrow, a player needs a bronze spear, a bale of hay, and a watermelon for the head.

Runescape Farming Yields

The items a farmer can make in Runescape are either foods that can be eaten for healing or useful products in other trade skills. Farmers can also grow hops, the key ingredient to beer, a beverage that is as greatly desired in fictional worlds as it is in the real one.

Farming is an interesting trade skill to use in Runescape and has some application in other trade skills, including cooking, but even if a player has a paid membership to the game, farming in Runescape requires a lot of effort and may not be for everyone. The items can sell back to for a small profit to players or vendors. It also gives a character ingredients for some recipes that fall under the cooking skill.


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