Runescape Jewelry Crafting An Intermediate Tutorial on How to Make Rings and Amulets in RS

Jewelry is one of the many things a Runescape character can make using the crafting skill. These items can be given to that special female avatar. Any mmorpg player knows, however, that there is no guarantee the person behind the character is the same gender as the avatar that the person chooses to portray in the game.

The good news is that jewelry provides beneficial stats when it is enchanted. If a Runescape player makes one of these expensive items for his character, he does not need to squander it by giving it to another character. A crafter can cut jewels, make silver and gold jewelry, and produce holy and unholy symbols with the crafting skill. A Runescape character that wants to craft jewelry to do this he should learn the mining trade skill.

Gem Cutting – the Easiest Part of Jewelry Crafting in Runescape

Gem cutting is not the easiest way to start the crafting skill. Cape dying and Pottery vie for the ideal beginner crafting skill. A player can quickly move to gem cutting after these skills yield too little experience to raise his skill level at a reasonable rate.

Gem cutting itself is simple. Just mine the gem and then try to cut it. As long as a Runescape character with the crafting skills has the required tools and level to cut the gem, the process will be successful. Crating experience is rewarded and then he can place the gem in a piece of jewelry or sell it to another character who can use it to make his own magical jewelry. The lowest level gem can be cut by a character with a crafting skill of 20, and the highest level gem requires a crafting skill of 55.

Using the Crafting Skill for Silver Jewelry

The process for the creating a piece of jewelry is the same, regardless of the metal. Gold or Silver must be mined, then the metal must be smelted into bars. A gem needs to be cut or purchased for the item, and then the crafting character that wants to make a ring, amulet, holy or unholy symbol must get or purchase a mold that will be used to shape the item. Magic can be used to enchant the created piece of jewelry or magic can be used to make tiaras. According to Global Runescape, holy symbols must be strung with a ball of wool for the process to be complete.

Using the Crafting Skill to Make Silver Sickles

A Runescape character can pay a visit to a nature spirit in Morty Myre Swamp and have this item that can be made with the crafting skill blessed. The blessed silver sickles allows a player to cast bloom and is useful for fighting ghasts, if the player should encounter them. The less imaginative Runescape player may want to use this item to generate items for his silver pouch.

Wrapping Runescape Jewelry Crafting Up

Full charts can be found on the crafting section of almost any site devoted exclusively to Jagex’s free mmorpg. The charts were not copied here to preserve space for the author’s less than witty commentary and have nothing to do with the word count limitations imposed by Suite 101 on its authors.


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