Samples Questions on Your Certified Nursing Assistant Test

There are some common questions that you will see on your written exam because they’re the core of your jobs or that they’re so important that you will need to know like perineal care, or vitals, or reporting, or first aid or CPR, or communications. Although these questions are not exactly like the test itself but it’s similar since we can’t copy it from the textbook because it’s copyrighted but it’s similar to the exam itself. You will see these topics on your exam. Your best deal is to get a hold of the review for the exam and then take it. The best way to pass your exam is to be prepare for it. There is no other way but to know everything yourself and to be really prepare for it.

Most of the questions will be on your knowledge of how to give safe care for patients and how to prevent infections. Infections are so widespread in the hospital and patients can die from them so they really want you to know infections control. It’s really important for you to know infection control and how to care for patients safely. They want to know that you are safe enough for patients.

You get will get questions on how to care for people who have a weak side and you will be ask on how to ambulate or move them in a wheelchair. Usually, you will work with their weak side first. You will be ask on when you should report to the charge nurse. When you have a discrepancy, you should report them to the charge nurse or if you find diets that are not right, or if the patients have safety issues or that they’re having abuse issues. You will report most things since you don’t make medical decisions yourself.

You will be tested on your communications skills with your patients. You will be asked on how you would talk to patients who are agitated or confused or how you would response to strange situations like a patient masturbating in front of you. You will response with respect and try to listen to them instead of imposing your personal ethics on them. You will leave patients alone if they are masturbating in front of you. You will not make fun of them or be judge mental about it. The questions are very easy and you will do well. You just need to study hard and pay attention to details.