Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Unpractical from every aspect

While showing the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 to everyone in the last few weeks, the main common question was about the size of it.

The Galaxy Note 2 is one of the biggest smartphones we have reviewed, comprising sleek dimensions of 151 x 80.5 x 9.4 mm, with a 5.5inches screen which earn the smartphone plenty of awkward glances.

Whilst the Galaxy Note 2 is a big device, it could get a bit gauche to hold with one hand for long durations as it is not excessively huge for a smartphone.

It is not that it is impossible to use the smartphone with one hand, although it is embarrassed at times. After a few days of usage, we found it is easy to hold if users choke up on the smartphone a bit. By holding it high users thumb can reach more of the touchscreen.

This could get upsetting for a few users with small hands, though not impossible for majority of users we gave the phone to. To accomplish the full touchscreen whilst utilizing the Galaxy Note 2 we discovered that it is best to cradle the smartphone, instead of griping it.

There are several grips required to utilize the smartphone with one hand, which can make each thing ill at ease from time to time, although it is still likely.

Samsung offers a plethora of minor tweaks that makes it easy to use the Galaxy Note 2 one handed. Click on Settings -> One  handed operation & see the boxes that assist users utilize the Note 2 with only one hand.

The Galaxy Note 2 is offering the following adjustments that move key to the left or the right thus it is easy to use the smartphone with one hand.

•    Phone buttons & in call keys

•    Keypad in portrait mode

•    Calculator

•    Unlock pattern

These minor tweaks make it easy to utilizse the Note 2 one handed, except it can still be embarrassed, especially if users are walking & trying to utilize the smartphone with one hand.

It is simple to grasp the smartphone in one hand & see films or read ebooks without fortuitously touching the touchscreen, & it is simple to turn pages in the Kindle application.

The Galaxy Note 2 is a huge smartphone, except it is not excessively huge to fit in a pocket. The smartphone fits in majority of jeans & dress pants pockets we strived. Women might not be able to keep the smartphone in a pants pocket, although it will go into a purse or a little clutch.

As utilizing the Galaxy Note 2 we kept it in a pocket with a purse or with car keys with no problem.

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