Saving Money during the Holidays

Ber months. That is how we call it here in the Philippines.  It has become a practice here in our country that when the month ending in BER comes, we already start celebrating the Christmas season.

I love Christmas. I enjoy the feeling it gives me. I love cool breeze. I love the spirit it brings. Let us not forget that Christmas is the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. We tend to forget that for we focus a lot on the spending, the gifts that we need to give and the gifts we are expecting to receive. Certainly, when we talk about gifts, it only means one thing, expenses, money. We are now in the period of global crisis and we need to be prudent in our spending.

It is wise to do your shopping early. Like I have said, Holidays start here in September. You can already start shopping in September. It has been proven that items are less expensive this time of the year.  Make a list of the people that you need to give. Make sure that your list only includes the people that you really need to buy gifts for, people that really matter to you.  Drop from your list those that you only want to make a good impression. Remember you need to spend wisely. Take a heavy meal before going shopping. It saves time and money when your stomach is already full. Do not wear jewelries, for it will only attract snatchers. Prepare lose bills. This is important. You need not bring out a large denomination, it makes you prone to street smart people. Be in comfortable clothing. It is easier for you to move around. Make yourself look simple. The simple you look, the less prone you are to people who will take advantage of the Holiday season. Be alert at all times.  Try to go to areas that offer cheaper items and still of good quality than those found in the mall.  Stick to your budget. What is important is the essence of giving and not the price tag of your gift.

Let us enjoy this coming Holiday Season. Make it a merry Christmas.  Merry in the spirit and still merry in our pockets. Happy Holidays!!!