Say Goodbye to Madea And Hello to Alex Cross!

You heard me right; it is hard to believe myself considering that Morgan Freeman has always played Alex Cross and Tyler Perry got the role that Idris Elba should have received, I still can’t get over it.  The only thing that is good about this move is that Tyler Perry can introduce people to Alex Cross that are unfamiliar with the series; I know that I will be watching.  Do I agree with it; well I am still upset about his involvement in For Colored Girls, as a female director was supposed to deliver that movie, and I think that the final product is worse because of it.

But I am intrigued to see Tyler Perry act in a movie he will not have any directing or producing credits in.  One of two things can happen here; Tyler Perry can own this film and deliver the best performance we have seen from him to date, which will definitely put him over the top and might even create some Oscar buzz, depending on how good the film is.  Or, Tyler can simply hold his own, and the rest of us will simply have no other option but to give him the respect that he is due, if even for his acting talents just as long as we still reserve the right to hate his work.  I for one am still wondering what he will come up with next; is the Madea series over with at this point?