Say No to Yoyo Dieting

More and more people are struggling with self-image issues stemming from carrying around too much excess weight. And in the age when everything seems to come at a snap of the fingers, nobody is inclined to undergo the difficulty of overhauling his lifestyle decisions, like eating habits, sleeping patterns, or even workout frequencies. As such, the result is that some people would resort to crash dieting only in preparation of special occasions, such as attending a wedding, giving a speech, or any other circumstantial weight-loss need. After the event, he or she goes back to the usual lifestyle and gains back the weight. This is called yoyo-dieting.

Yoyo-dieting is not only ugly for the person who is caught in the middle of the weight peak, but doctors and specialists specifically warn people away from it because of the strain it places on one’s body. A person’s body and organs work according to the need, and for a given body weight, your whole body system has already adjusted how much work it needs to put in. When you suddenly lose weight in such a short amount of time, what happens is that your body is not used to the lesser weight and will need to adjust. Then when you regain the weight, your systems need to adjust again. The constant drop-and-climb of your weight will result in excessive strain that your body should not have to succumb to.

Others who do not run to crash dieting may still have a yoyo-dieting effect by running to weight loss teas or medication. The scenario is usually similar: an upcoming wedding or any other important life occasion. In the month before that occasion, a lady may pop a regular dose of weight-loss pills, and she sheds many pounds just before the event. Afterwards, she may still continue with the pills as she sees the results pleasing to the eye, but eventually, she may wind up tired of depending on the pills and stop them altogether. Unfortunately her eating habits have never changed, and before she knows it, the pounds are slowly, if not frantically, piling back up. Sometimes she finds herself getting heavier than before she took the medication, largely because she has perhaps gotten used to eating so much more without gaining any weight! And then she becomes desperate again to take the pills, and the cycle, sadly, can continue.

Instead, a better alternative to yoyo dieting is a lifestyle change. This means a complete overhaul, and the following describes how this can be done simply:

1. Brush up on your nutrition knowledge by learning to differentiate foods that are high in fat and calories, and finding suitable alternatives. For example, you may learn that whole-wheat bread is healthier than a croissant, and that yogurt is a tasty alternative to fattening ice cream, so you can make the needed changes on a day-to-day basis.

2. See exercise not as a chore but as something you can do throughout the day. While having a fixed workout routine will definitely spell more visible and faster results, they are also much more difficult to sustain in the long run. Instead, incorporating bursts of running or lengthier walks in a normal day can be made into a habit as you continually do them day after day, and in the end you will indeed see results.

3. Get enough sleep. Some people do not think sleep is important, but it is actually crucial in repairing old cells and believe it or not, it burns calories! Not only that, going to bed early will even spare you of that nightly midnight snack you have become so used to, and will help you drop many unnecessary pounds.

Once you understand the negative effects of yoyo dieting on your system, you will be wise to turn to the better alternative of incorporating a full lifestyle turnaround. You will also be able to make the change much faster as you start in small steps, instead of making a dramatic overhaul that you cannot maintain for more than a month or two! Now you can see that there is indeed a way to lose weight and keep it off without resorting to yoyo dieting!