Scam Alert Be Aware

From my time of doing contracting work I ran across a guy who I was doing work for and he told me to through out all this computer monitors and keyboards, so I started thinking maybe I can sell this stuff online.I took a look around to see what this stuff was worth and I came up with selling this stuff on, the next thing I know I got an email from a guy who called himself Ron now he claims he is from Seattle,Washington so I said whatever then he says he wants to make me an offer and buy all the computer stuff I have I thought to myself this is a dream come true and if it sounds like its a dream it was, when the check came he sent it federal ex next day air. I was thinking cool I went to the bank the next day the teller told me give me two forms of ID and I went home and got my other ID, now she knew something was not right but never told me this I found out after I was arrested then to mention Bank of America is the problem she then actually called the Police on the and if they would have said this check was not good I would have ripped it up right there but no not this chick.

After I came back with the second form of ID she said you know this is fraud now how does the person know who received the check that this is a scam you do not know, so I then asked her how am I suppose to know this, this did not matter to her after I was walking out the guard reached for the gun, I just kept walking and went home. No longer then 10 minutes went by and I heard a knock at my door it was the Police, they asked me to come outside on top of this none sense arrest they did not read me my rights. I was arrested and spent over 72 hours in a holding cell which is not legal for the Police dept. to do. To top this off after all that I was held for that long the Detective asked me where did it come from and then said well there is nothing I can do for you now.

I am thinking to myself they are gonna see that this is not me who did this after all I had no record for anything like this before but I thought that would matter but i did not matter, I was processed and sitting in jail with a bunch of fools. The Detective came back in to get smart with me so I told him I got nothing to lose, come and say that to my face because after the second day sitting in that nasty cell I wanted to fight. But that would not help my situation so I had to first get out of there and then after getting out of there for 4 and half days, it was a Friday and the court gave me a court date on Monday, now this really sucks. Because I had no attorney and I had to ask for a continuance the Judge granted this for me. Now I called this bad mouthing Detective from home and tried to explain to him what happened he did not care as long as he had someone to put charges on he was not calling me back or anything so I had to call some old friend of mines which my school buddy drove me to the library. So had time to read about laws now I am not a lawyer but I had to represent myself I am guessing your wondering what did I get 5 years in jail. Well after 8 months of fighting this and the Bank of America teller not showing to the court hearings they actually sent the wrong person to accuse me and I had a conference with the District attorney and we came to an agreement that ARD pleading no contest, and getting this ex-sponged so now after a year my record will be cleaned.