Scandal With Pope’s Condoms

Scandal broke out between the Vatican and the UK for a document with proposals for jokes on the Pope’s visit to the island. British Foreign Ministry apologized for a state official note published in The Sunday Telegraph, which offers Pope Benedict XVI to provide a condom with your brand when they visit the UK this year.The document also contains proposals to the pope blessed the marriage of gay couple to open clinic for abortions during his visit in September and to open a hot line for child victims of pedophile attacks.

This is just reckless document in no way reflect the views or position of the British government or the foreign ministry, said ministry spokesman.Many of the ideas in the document are simply foolish, naive or disrespectful, he added.According to the newspaper proposals thrown by junior civil servant in the memorandum entitled “The ideal visit would be …”, circulating among officials from the Office of the Prime Minister Gordon Brown and Foreign Ministry.

“Foreign Ministry deeply regrets this incident and insult that is caused.

Highly appreciate the close and productive relations between the British government and the Holy See and we hope to deepen our relationship with the visit of Pope Benedict XVI in the UK later this year, “states the announcement. Benedict’s visit from 16 to 19 September was the first papal visit since 1982 in Britain. Pope is envisaged to meet the Queen and the Archbishop of Canterbury.