Schizophrenia Disease

Schizophrenia is a group of psychiatric disorders that are interconnected, in karakteristikan with the disorder the way a person thinks of delusions and hallucinations, disturbance of feeling, perception disorders, disorders of self-confidence and behavior.

Hallucinations are sensory perceptions that occur without stimulation of the sensory receptors. Hallucinations is a psychiatric illness characterized by:
1. Thought she heard a voice without any acoustic stimulation.
2. Thought he saw something in the absence of visual stimuli
3. Smell something without the stimulation of the senses of smell.
Hipnagogik hallucinations are hallucinations that occur in normal people, usually occurs before sleep.
4. Hallucinations akoasma that is characterized by hallucinations: often hear voices and can not be distinguished unequivocally
5. Hallucinations phonema that is characterized by hallucinations: often hear the words or certain sentences

Delusion is an expression of trust that appear in real life such as:
1. Feeling threatened by others
2. Feeling unloved by others
3. Feeling cheated by other people
4. Feeling hurt by another person
5. Feeling his pain

Feelings of psychological disorders is a disorder characterized by widespread emotional person, ranging from depression to joy and range of motion is excessive. Adaptation function disorder is a form of feelings of social communication, stimulate the physiological functions, consciousness is subjective and psychological defense mechanisms