School Lunch for Picky Eaters

Deciding on school lunch for the picky eater can make mornings tougher than they have to be. Finding the right items to but in the lunch box so the child eats during the day means thinking outside of the norm ofj ust sandwiches. Think about the things they will eat, then determine if the item can survive in a lunchbox until the time of day the child has lunch break. Here are a few school lunchbox ideas to consider for your kids.

Picky Eater School Lunch #1: Cereal

Choose a cereal your child likes which is not loaded in sugar to break their classroom concentration. Put a serving in a plastic bowl with lid and send a thermos of milk. Alternatively, have the child buy milk at school for the cereal.  Don’t forget the spoon.

Picky Eater School Lunch #2: Crustless Sandwich

Presentation can go a long way in making your school lunchbox ideas more accepted by the picky eater. Sometimes appearance or texture determines what they will eat. Trimming the crust or cutting the sandwich in a different shape makes the sandwich more fun, Use cookie cutters to make fun shapes for each lunch.  Make a sandwich and cut it up French toast stick style so that each piece is about an inch wide. You may even consider cutting the pieces into finger food, bit size bits.

Picky Eater School Lunch #3: Peanut Butter and Jelly Tortilla

This school lunchbox idea is generally even a hit with the pickiest of eaters. Choose a jelly the child likes and make peanut butter and jelly tortillas.

Picky Eater School Lunch #4: Bite Size Meat and Cheese

Is your kid the one that won’t eat any school lunch box items that other kids enjoy? Try cut up pieces of pepperoni in a small container, and cubes of cheese in another. If this works, consider other options like cut up pieces of beef jerky, smoked sausage, or maybe chopped hot dogs.

Picky Eater School Lunch #5: Pretzels, Raisin, Nuts, Yogurt, Vegetables and Dips

If you can’t get your kid to eat anything you put in the school lunchbox, consider added some healthier snacks.  If the only lunchbox idea that gets accepted is a snack, making it a healthy one is important.  You may try trail mix type items, or perhaps yogurt or applesauce.  Dips don’t have to be dairy based.  Consider a honey mustard dip or a marinara type dip for veggies or even for homemade chips or crackers. Kids with different items in their school lunchbox often find it easier to fit in around the table because they can talk about the items they have to eat.

Coming up with a school lunchbox idea your kid will love may be the challenge of the school year. Even when you find one, the quest for the next item must continue so you are prepared when the new one is no longer loved.