Scotland Travel

Scotland is an ultimate travel destination where you can find a lot of diversity wherever you travel. A part of the United Kingdom, it is often mistaken for being a part of England by many much to the ire of the Scots. It is one of the three nations that comprise Great Britain and one of the four nations that make the United Kingdom. It has England to its south and Ireland to its north and the east and the west are flanked by the North Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean respectively.

The capital city is Edinburgh while the largest and the busiest industrial center is Glasgow. The languages that are most common in Scotland include English and Scots Gaelic. As English is known and understood by majority of the Scots, language is not at all a difficulty in Scotland as long as you know English. The currency in vogue in Scotland is the Pound Sterling. Scotland has its own sterling note which is a common currency within Scotland but you may not be able to use it anywhere else.

The climate in Scotland tends to be quite unpredictable. Though it has moderate climate with a mild winter and not very hot summer, it is colder than other places in the United Kingdom. The western parts are relatively much warmer compared to the eastern parts mainly because of the winds and the ocean currents.

The entry and visa regulations are similar to what is seen in the other parts of the United Kingdom. People who are European Union Citizens do not need a visa to enter or to work within the country. Even visitors from many other countries like Australia, Canada and United States do not need a visa if they are visiting the country.

You can reach Scotland by directly flying down through any of the five international airports located at Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Inverness or by flying down to London and then proceeding from there. The alternatives are to travel by train from London using services such as the West Coast Main line, East coast Main line or the Cross country network. There are also bus, coach and ferry services that can be taken to get here.

To travel within the country, it is best to use the train service called First Scot Rail rather than air travel which is quite expensive but best while traveling to the West Coast. Alternatively, you can use the bus service as a cheap option to travel within the country. To travel between the islands, you need to take ferry services such as Caledonian Mac Brayne.

Places to visit within Scotland include cities such as Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Glasgow, Inverness, Lanark, Dundee, etc. a few places of interest include Cairngorms, Loch Lomond, Loch Ness, etc that are famous for its National Parks. There are good mountaineering spots such as Glencoe, Ben Nevis, Torridon, Wester Ross, etc that are not to be missed if you are a person who loves the rocky areas. You even have many islands such as Islay and many beaches all over Scotland that you will love visiting.

No visit to Scotland is complete without having a look into the many distilleries that make the finest Scotch whisky. So, try out some of them and buy many of them to serve as valuable souvenirs from your trip. If you are a collector, a must buy item is a kilt that is traditional to a Scot. You can also try your hand at Golf for Scotland is the place where it originated.

Overall, Scotland is a must see destination offering an exotic mix of being both industrialized at the same time showing a lot of traditional values that can be found anywhere and everywhere within the country.