Scott Walker is Taking a Historic Heroic Stance Against Union Corruption.

Scott Walker is taking a historic heroic stance against union corruption.

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Carl Janssen

February 21, 2011

For years there has been a vicious cycle of bribes and kick-backs.  Some union leaders encourage their members to vote for those who support their pocket-books and agendas and in turn those people give the unions what they want.  In this way the unions become more and more powerful as well as the politicians they support.  There are some Unions in which membership is not optional for people who are to be employed under certain organizations; this is a grave evil, in which Unions can go against the will of employees who they claim to represent.

It has been common for Public School teachers to be told by people above them to teach certain “facts” and ideologies which the democratic party supports this provides impetus for their students to vote more for the democratic party, in turn more money is provided for “education.”  But some of this education money is actually money spent to support the agenda of the Democratic Party, by supporting their ideologies and alleged “facts.”  This is another cycle of bribes and kickbacks, you teach what we want and that will encourage people to vote for us and think the way we want and in turn we the Democratic Party will continue to up your funding.  I am not saying the Republican Party does not sometimes due the same to a lesser degree, for the lesson is universal among both democrats and some of the republicans that the United States Government is the one rightful to…. None the less not all republicans openly declare that to be so.

Scott Walker is acting heroically by refusing to cooperate with the union bribe and kickback system to such a degree that they are protesting because he is reducing their flow of tax-money forcibly taken from non-consenting individuals who merely consent in order to not be thrown in jail.  If the government certified teacher’s job was really that important people would donate out of their own pocket books not other peoples’ non-consential tax dollars.   Such as has been done to provide education in the third world without taxing anyone through numerous Christian Organizations merely through charitable giving and thus can also be done in the U.S. if people were not so enamored by the beastly beast of a system that calls itself beneficial on the coerced praises of the brain-washed masses, and has not gotten one ounce of praise from those who choose to think independently of its mantras. 

This all being said I am not saying that Scott Walker does everything right, merely that this single action is at least much more right than what many other politicians have done in the past, at least if there is a right motive behind it.