Search Engine Marketing- Writing Good Web Page Content

How to get more traffic to my website via Google or any other search engine? This is a question that ails a number of website creators who have done all the hard work and are now waiting for the traffic to pour in.

However advertising your website to create visibility for future clients and customers on Google’s first page is easier said than done.

If you have content on your site, it becomes easier for search engines to rank the website. Information is the key and without valuable, good information, there is no way that a website can retain traffic no matter whatever marketing strategy it chooses to use.

After all this is what the visitors want to see, free content that serves them. This allows them not just to visit a particular site but also revisit it. Moreover references by trackbacks and vanity feeds are probably the fastest way to increase traffic.

Add articles to the website or the blog. If you have a blog that highlights your product or service, then in-depth product description articles and blog posts will not only help people relate to your product and understand them better but you would actually be establishing yourself as a subject matter expert.

Allow comments and pings to your articles. This will help drive the information flow both ways and allow website visitors freedom to give you valuable feedback.

Remember that your content needs to be original and simply cobbling together random information from a host of sites does not ensure traffic. Moreover keep updating and adding to it. No one likes to go back and read old information.

Adding videos and audio along with relevant keywords to your site helps make the content significantly more interesting. With the technology updates and ease in video and audio recording, it is easier to create content in the form of audio or video.

This not only makes it easier for someone to relate to your site better but in case of a product description, it actually makes it easier for the user to see the product being used by someone.

Google search results have increasingly started using video and these videos have a better chance than of being listed on first results page as compared to your text.

Create a “Help” page for your website visitors. A help page or a list of frequently asked questions with answers allows you to address your customer queries and doubts.

You have to understand thats every move that you make including the time spent on each page. This helps it in ranking the pages better. If you have valuable content, people will spend more time on the page reading it.