Searching For The Best E-Bike Insurance

Last summer, I decided to purchase an E-bike. I have been employed by the same place for a few years now, and the drive in each day is normally about fifteen minutes by car. The cost of driving in to work each day, and then back home seems so costly that I began looking for more options.

After much debate with my husband, we began looking into purchasing an E-bike. My husband is very instrumental in all of our purchases. He believes that you should do everything to the best of your ability and do it right the first time so you never have to do it again. While the two of us did quite some research, when it came right down to it, I truly wanted a specific style. Once we had finally decided on two different E-bikes, I was the one that made the final decision.

Once I had all the information that I wanted about the two different units that were available for me, I chose one style and then asked to order one in blue. Surprised, I found that the shop I was intending on buying my new E-bike from pushed for me to buy another unit. I just couldn’t believe that even after mentioning that ‘no, I want to order the EX1000 in blue’, he then attempted to show me another unit. I turned to my husband and said to him that we need to leave and find someone that will order me the one I want. I understand that for a shop owner, it is far better to sell an in-stock unit than to order in more stock. However, when someone says ‘no, I want to order a specific unit’… Then order it! Needless to say, we went to another dealer who just happened to have the exact model that I wanted. I had it at home two hours later.

While we were at the second shop, the salesman was very helpful and had a lot of extra information that we found very useful. I purchased my helmet, riding gloves, and even a padded leather jacket. I picked up a few more items to make my E-bike a much more fun ride. When we settled up our bill, the salesman mentioned that now you are not required to get insurance but I suggest you look into it. Just for your own protection he said.

It’s not that we didn’t think about it, but we had not gone to anyone to see about it at that point. We had just bought this great money savings bike for me to ride to work and a few other places, and now we thought we might be getting into a big insurance bill.

When we arrived home, both my husband and I began researching insurance online and began asking for quotes. Now there are not too many places that allow it from online only insurance companies, but you can contact your local insurance companies to ask about coverage.

We found that the best e-bike insurance came from our automobile insurance company. There were a few different ways that we could be covered. The bike itself could be covered under our contents insurance coverage once we added a picture and the registration number of my E-bike to our policy. The second way we could insure my bike was a rider on our main policy. This way had much more and fuller coverage for my safety and the repair and replacement of my bike in the event of an accident.

You see, when you are riding an E-bike, you have the same responsibilities and a cyclist. There are rules that you must abide by. Some of these are nation wide (country wide) and others are in local cities. You need to find out what your responsibilities are while riding your E-bike. You might be surprised to find out some of the important issues that you need to deal with. You are out there and you are liable as a rider. It has a motor, and you are on a roadway, where other motorists are traveling. I am here to tell you that you should definitely look into your own safety as well as your liabilities while riding.

After a lot of research, and even after asking our own home and auto policy holders, we went out to find more quotes. We did however finally decide on staying with our main home and auto policy holder. The quote was $245.00 for a year. While adding to our insurance costs may not have been something we wanted, we did however find that for the months that I would be using the E-bike, I would easily save that much on fuel. The truck was using about 30 to 35 dollars in fuel a week so in two months, I had roughly covered the costs. Other companies that were local were similar to the same cost. I did however find a few online companies. Some did not cover E-bike riders in Canada and the one that did, did not have the quality of coverage that came with my local insurance company.

I believe that if you are truly looking for the best e-bike insurance, you should look into local companies first. I did find quite a few reviews online that where not very positive on coverage or claims. There are some things in life that you should do in person. I believe that this is one of them.

May you have a safe and enjoyable ride.