Secrets to Win Your Valentine

Hey, Just to ensure that you do not end up this auspicious day on a negative note, follow the following rituals, which are summarised moon sign wise, so that you remain bubbly and cheerful:

Aries: Do not engage into unnecessary argument as there are chances that you may land up in fighting and spoiling your day. For those who wish to propose, do not be straight, wait for the right moment, probably today is not the day.

Taurus:- You may be wanting to communicate the message but some how the courage part may be wanting. Go try it.

Gemini:- Be a bit smart, probably the day is going to be good if you do not take matter to the heart.

Cancer:- Just check that flirting may not become your virtue. You may feel happy for the time being but it can be painful in the times to come.

Leo:- This is going to be the prefect way to melt all the differences you and your valentine had till date. Take courage and speak your heart bold and loud.

Virgo:- It may not the right approach what you are having in dealing the sensitive issue such as this. This day propagate love and warmth, take this as the recipe for your relations.

Libra:- The happy go lucky nature has gone a long way.  Try to be more serious and come down to the seriousness of the issue. It will solve the difficult times you are to meet ahead.

Scorpio:- The intensity of your love is not the only thing which is warranted of a lover. The seriousness and the perfect method to show that off are equally important. Device methods to solve this pertinent issue of yours.

Sagittarius:- The saint in you has to be transformed and has to be brought in terms to the present day situation. I fear that the end of the day you people may not stand empty handed with despair engulfing you.

Capricorn: – The stubbornness in you can be problematic in dealing issues of love and care. Today just wipe that attitude of your and see the world transform for you.

Aquarius:-  A bit of bending with the situation is not always distasteful. Help yourself to modify according to the need and event. Be a bit more cautious in opening your heart to strangers.

Pisces:- If all goes well, the valentine with you can become your life partner. So be bit more cautious in proposing and accepting the invite. A complete scan of character is all that needed.