Selecting Bridesmaids Dresses With Your Bridesmaids

Bridesmaids and matron of honor dresses require the just the right touch to complement your wedding. For most guests, the bridesmaids dresses will be the first dresses of the wedding party that the audience sees. You want to the curiosity of the guests to be engaged by the dresses, but not so much that the dresses overwhelm the bride.

Today, most weddings with a variety of bridesmaids use dresses that fit with the body types, rather than being a cookie cutter dress that fits everyone. It makes perfect sense to select a style that looks well on a thin person and another that will look well on larger body types. At one time, most bridesmaids gown were designed for the thin body type, and did not translate well to larger body sizes. Today, however, dresses are designed specifically for plus sizes as well. Some designers even have selections that complement each other and are designed to blend together into the same ceremony.

To properly select your bridesmaids dresses, the bride needs to decide on her gown. The only way to choose complementary styles for the bridesmaids is to know what the bride intends to wear. Some wedding gowns come with bridesmaids dresses that are designed to be worn with that bridal gown. Choosing one of these selections can truly ease your choice. But, you can only do this after the bridal gown is chosen.

Once the bridal gown is selected, the bride should think about the number of bridesmaids and matrons of honor at the wedding. Specifically, the bride should look at the body types of her supporters. Most weddings today have a variety of types, ranging from thin to plus sizes. Don’t forget to include any features that you bridesmaids would like to stand out, or ones they would like to keep hidden.

The next step is to look at some fashion magazines and guides. On your list next to your body types, select the types of dresses that look the best on someone with those types. Don’t eliminate any choices at this point. Just complete your list. Now, you are ready to meet with your bridesmaids.

Set up a meeting for lunch or coffee, and let your bridesmaids hear your plans. Tell them you are very grateful for their help being in the wedding, and that you want each of them to look their best. Let them know you are open to their input, but the result needs to blend in with your gown.

The first issue to agree on is color. Not all shades of a color will look good on everyone. Some easy hints are to look at eye color. Blues and reds tend to wash out persons with blue eyes. Persons with brown eyes stand out in plums, mahoganies, golds and deep pinks. Persons with green eyes stand out in plums, blues and greens. Stay away from yellows. Bridesmaids with darker skin colors blend in better with deeper hues; bridesmaids with paler skins blend better with lighter hues.

Next, establish what types of dresses your bridesmaids like and think they look well in. If their type doesn’t mess with you list, try to guide them into trying something new. Then agree on a price range and who is paying for what. Some brides pick up the tab for the bridesmaids dresses, but others need the bridesmaids to pay for them. Your price range will establish where you can shop for dresses. Don’t forget to stick to your colors and dress styles that you want. Begin to discuss what accessories you want to wear for the wedding, a necklace, hair combs and flowers or none at all and of course, shoes.

Lastly, set up some times and pick some places to try on dresses. You don’t need to always have everyone there, or use all the times that all available. What you want is for everyone to know what is going on. If you live near a large city that has a fabric house area, don’t rule out fashion close out centers in the city to select your choices. While not as easy as simply ordering a gown, these close out centers can get you a designer selection at K-mart prices. The smaller your number of bridesmaids, the easier it is to use a close out center.

It is not easy to please a group of people or select items that everyone will be happy with. Still, with good communication and putting you best foot forward, it can be done. It turns out that planning a wedding is great practice for living the married life.