Seven Myth of Feng Shui

Nowadays the ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui has become more than just another fashion passion – for some people Feng Shui is a way of life. As often happens, those who are not familiar in depth with the principles of this tradition, freely interpreting its principles and rules, thus creating different myths about what is Feng Shui. We offer some of these myths and the truth about things. 

Myth № 1: Red is the color of luck. Its application leads to financial and sexual success. 

This does not mean that all your apartment must be in color pioneering connection. Red is very aggressive color and in large quantities can lead to domestic scandals, quarrels and troubles. Red is considered a lucky color in China, but that is not related to feng shui. According to Chinese tradition red is the color of the rich class. 

In psychology, this color is associated with the activity and passion. But if you sleep every day in red linen, be very careful! Instead of passion, you can provoke violent emotions to your partner, but less pleasant. 

Myth № 2: fountain or aquarium, where you stand, carry positive energy. 

In feng shui, fountain associated with storm water. And the water in turn is directly related to wealth and prosperity.In fact, the fountain, as before, serve a decorative function. And if you watch it, you feel harmonious, this is due to the fact that water straight Chatter predisposes to relaxation. 

Myth № 3: lid of the toilet should be closed. Otherwise, all money will expire. 

First, the feng shui is about 4000 years. For what toilets can be no question! Second, in considering the plans of many homes feng shui experts determined the following interesting fact: most toilets are located in negative zones where there is bad energy. This seems related to the fact that these “places of retreat” we spend very little time. So closed or open will be the lid of the toilet is like. But better close it – from the hygienic point of view. 

Myth № 4: figures are lucky talisman. 

Dragons, turtles, elephants, frogs, small Buddha … What Does not! Good luck these items are only those who produce and sell them. For your well-being no matter where this figure is, how much and what it means. Decorative souvenirs can make your home more comfortable, but hardly with their help you will get some special luck. If you feel confident in them, it’s still better for you. Let me be your personal talismans. 

Myth № 5: in the bedroom should not have indoor plants. 

The flowers that you gave on March 8, really worth to life. This applies to all the flowers in a vase, especially if you already dead bouquet. And the slight droop of roses or gerberas brings tide of bad energy that started to spread throughout the room. 

As for the flowers in a pot, they can live in your bedroom. The main thing is not to be placed too close to your head. Tissue plant (aloe, geranium, etc.) you can put on the windowsill. 

Myth № 6: mirrors should not be placed against the door. Otherwise you will close the entrance to the positive chi energy. 

Although there are certain rules should always apply individually. There are cases where the mirror opposite the door leading to the house “to stay useful. 

Among other things, allow orthodox feng shui mirrors are placed where you fit. 

Myth № 7: not worth it to keep track of your past love relationships. Otherwise, no new build. You’ve slept together on that bed linen. Discarded underwear! He gave you TV. TV goes to the dirt. A pile of photos where you so happy? 

If everyone joined If so, it will hardly achieve any happiness and harmony in their lives. 

In reality things are quite simple. At home you should not have objects that cause negative emotions. Your home should be filled with light, joy and positive thoughts.