Seven Reasons Why People Become Homeless

  1. They lost their job: Sometimes homelessness can be as simple as someone losing their job.  If the economy is bad, companies will be laying off workers despite their usefulness to the enterprise.  Many people are just a paycheck or two away from being homeless.  Without savings, someone can end up on the street no matter how good of an employee they were.
  2. The mortgage was too high: Often times, families are living with a high mortgage that is just beyond their reach.  In times of excess, banks will lend to people who can’t really afford to buy a home.  If the mortgage was too high, the family or person might lose their home even if they have a job.  Since most apartments require a large deposit as well as the first month’s rent, some people end up on the street.
  3. They can’t find a job: Without possessing a skill that is highly in demand or by having a spotty resume, sometimes it is too difficult to find a new job.  Some people look and look and just can’t find their next job.  Eventually, savings wear out and people end up on the street.
  4. Addictions: Some homeless people are addicted to drugs or alcohol and just can’t get their heads clear enough to find a job or income.  The addiction makes them mentally or physically incapacitated and they can’t work steadily to improve their condition.  As a result, they end up on the street.
  5. Mental Illness: Some homeless people suffer from mental illnesses like schizophrenia.  They don’t have enough money for medication and they end up wandering the streets.  Mental hospitals will only put up with them for a month or so before kicking them back onto the street.
  6. Poor home or family conditions:  Some homeless people and, in particular, homeless children or teenagers come from bad homes.  The conditions they experience at home are intolerable.  In an effort to leave insufferable conditions, they end up on the street.  Sometimes they feel safer on the street than at home.
  7. Nobody will take them in: Many homeless people have relatively wealthy relatives but they just are too preoccupied with their own lives to take in a homeless brother, sister or cousin.  Even though their homelessness could be alleviated by a family member with means, the family member just doesn’t have the empathy to take them on.