Seven Tips to Pack For Your Long Trips

Summer is the enjoyable time of trips and outdoor activities. The more you plan your trips the more enjoyable they will be. Packing for the trip is an important item of trip, either long or short. It needs patience and planning. It comes by practice.

You may not like to travel like Mary Poppins of Walt Disney, carrying a bottomless bag producing anything you might need in an emergency or make your travel more comfortable. If you have a facility like that you may just swing your hands and go in ease.

Seven essential tips for your trips

1) If you go on a short trip, say you want to go away for a weekend trip, you can travel lightly just with a carry-on bag and a purse. You can jump to throw every outfit you may need in your backpack and set out in a few minutes. But for long trips, suppose you plan to visit a far off place or country, you have to plan well and carry things. You cannot run back just to take a few necessary things that you had left back.   

2) You have to think of your food

You may have to bring a pot to heat water, coffee, hot chocolate and sweetener, snacks, salad dressing and so on.

3) Clothes are necessary

You cannot travel with the same dress causing uneasiness to those who travel with you, this means including clothes that you wear in. You may not be strong enough to haul around thick pullovers or fancy raincoats, but you can get warm by putting an extra T-shirt on under a sweater, or stay dry with a thin fold-away rain poncho.

4) You may have to carry your luggage

Be aware that you may have to carry your luggage for a long distance, for example long walks to train stations, constant checking in and out of hostels, bringing your pack to a gallery before you move on to the next city, etc.  You might be surprised and fed up just how often you will have to carry around your backpack.

5) Think of your comforts

Some comforts are inevitable for you. A down travel pillow is a must for you and an alarm clock to wake you up with a white noise.  But you should keep in mind that it is much more important to get to the end of the day without breaking your back than it is to follow all the latest fashion trends in the name of comforts.

6) Electronic things

Electronic goods need to be accompanied by chargers, etc. give first preference to essential electronic things that you must carry with you and also think of the voltage and watts problems.

7) Pack things prudently and patiently

Your planning should be prudent enough to make your trip pleasant. Think twice if you add your luggage with shoes, books or things like hair drier. Certain medications may be absolutely necessary in cases of emergency.

Plan well and list out things. If you travel in India, you can find everywhere the written notice “Minimum luggage for maximum comfort”. This may be a maxim for your long trip planning.