Sex Is To Me…

Sex to me is something that you don’t share with everyone, you should only have sex with that person who you feel that you truely love. I think that you should have sex with that special someone, you should wait until your married and you feel that it’s the right time.

It’s not something that should be rushed or played with, because it takes only one time to catch a disease and it takes one time to get pregnant and then your stuck. I’m not doing anything until I have a ring on my finger, I’ve been tempted but I couldn’t do it because I promised myself I would wait and do it right. I see my cousins and they have two or three kids and they barely turned twenty and didn’t go to college because they were pregnant and was ashamed to go to school and on top of that they are no longer with that guy who they thought they was in love with, they should’ve waited to see if that love was true. I believe that’s the reason why we have so many young teenage single mothers because they don’t wait to see if the love is true and they rush sex, then when they say baby I’m pregnant then he act like he don’t know what’s going on, then he leaves her and does the same thing to another girl.

I think that sex is a game to boys, lets see who can get her first, let’s see who can sleep with the most girls,lets tape it, why do that to us. How would you feel if someone did that to your sister, your daughter or even your mother. What if one of them came up to you crying telling you about someone that did that to them.   Made a bet with his boys that he could sleep with your mother,sister or daughter and she let them and when she went to school are work everyone laughed at her because him and his boys told everyone or showed them a tape. If you loved them you would get mad and want to go and beat him to death but why do that, why do you wanna hurt him, he just did to them what your doing to females, someone else’s Sister,daughter or even mother so don’t hurt him why not give him a high five, tell him that he’s da man, laugh with him when he talks about what he did to your sister, daughter or even your mother or laugh at the tape he made,you doing the same stuff that he did, your hurting someone too. What goes around comes around and that’s true and you do onto others as you would have someone else do onto you, so respect every female and stop doing us wrong because she’s someone’s sister, daughter or even mother, and just like you want to fight that guy for hurting your family someone is going to want to fight you for messing with their family.

And one last thing Guys be honest don’t you want a female that you have only been in, you don’t have to share her with anyone, Someone who you can walk into any bar and say”I just had sex with my wife Briana Miller” and nobody in that bar knows who she is or do you want to walk into a bar and say” I just had sex with my wife Briana Miller”, then people start walking up to you giving you high fives,and telling stories about them and your wife and the freaky thing they did,or they start giving you tips on how to hit it right and tell you about the mole on her left butt check. Come on be honest do you want someone that’s all yours or someone that somone else has had and they probably did her better then you.