Shopping Potential in Golden Triangle Tours

Undoubtedly, Golden Triangle Tours is one of the most important tours in the context of India. As it comes loaded with many opportunities, apart from rich historical monuments and destinations, it is the immense shopping potential, which we will discuss in this article. What’s more, it has been seen that although there remains immense potential in the field of shopping, there is dearth of backing and support rendered to it even at the governmental level.

Take for example the shopping festivals involving destinations such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai, Malaysia, etc., immensely popular all over the world. In fact, they help in boosting the arrival figures to a large extent. Now the question arises that is it possible for India to emulate the same concept and consequently create one of the unique events when it comes to shopping. In fact, it can be done by blending with traditional fairs and festivals.

As we already know that brand ‘Incredible India’ has been successfully launched and is doing well in the market, it has immensely helped India’s stature grow in bounty. In today’s global tourism context, India reigns supreme like never before. Especially if we take into consideration the branding that has been initiated for the last two decades, we find that it has also helped in transforming Indian tourism to a large extent.

As a matter of fact, all the Indian states have fallen in the category of promoting Indian tourism at serious level and there is no dearth of destinations that have been branded and that too like never before. In particular, Golden Triangle Tours always reign supreme as they offer incredible destinations.

As we know that the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India is expecting nearly ten million visitors by 2010 few years ago, there is much gap between between what is and what ought to be. The number is still hovering around five million only. Apart from culture and heritage of India, which reigns supreme in this country, there is no effort being put to promote shopping in the Indian context specially taking into consideration the Golden Triangle Tours.

Considering the fact that we have witnessed tremendous economic growth and fast-paced lifestyle especially in the context of last two decades, what is direly needed is to boost shopping potential as far as destinations falling in the category of Golden Triangle Tours is concerned. It is a matter of fact that there is immense potential in the area of shopping in the context of India and that is where it reigns supreme.

It is a fact that the objective is not to imitate any model from the countries mentioned above, however it is good if we take into consideration our requirements into consideration and proceed further. It will not be an exaggeration if we take into consideration the SWOT analysis as it will immensely help us to rejuvenate our tourism industry and specially the Golden Triangle Tours.

What’s more, the Golden Triangle Tour can be combined with any of the major destinations thus making it an altogether indomitable entity. However, the fact remains that it is indeed the backbone of the Indian tours.