Should I Breast Feed or Bottle Feed?

Did you know that humans are the only mammals that do not wean themselves off of milk? Sure, if you give a cat a bowl of milk, it will drink it, but it will also drink Pepsi if it’s thirsty. In a natural sense, when animals are done with mother’s milk, they never drink milk again.

Studies have shown that overall, as adults, neither breast or bottle fed babies show any kind of advantage over the other. Many groups make claims as to one or the other, but science wins out by stating there are no clear cut advantages.

It has been said that breast fed babies share and maintain their mother’s natural immunities to various infections such as the Flu. Studies indicate that an infant maintains those immunities for abut six months whether breast OR bottle fed.

It has been said that mother’s milk contains more vitamins, minerals and fat that is essential to an infant’s growth and good health. Recent studies have shown that breast fed infants lack Vitamins A & D. Formula, like regular milk, is fortified with these vitamins. If you are breast feeding, you will likely need to supplement these vitamins.

It has been said that breast fed babies ‘bond’ better with their mothers. Let us not forget that a bottle feeding mother actually has to get up out of the bed at night and tend to her hungry child. Although it is to be envied that a breast feeding mother can just pull her baby close to suckle and go back to sleep, a bottle feeding mother cannot do that. She must sit upright, hold her child close as it suckles the bottle, feed it, sing, coo and gaze at it lovingly. There is no evidence to show that the bonding of one is better than the other.

Should you breast or bottle feed? Do what feels best to you. There are no benefits of one over the other in a physical sense. Stick with your decision as a mother to a new life. Listen to the advice of others, but then turn a deaf ear to criticisms and remarks once you’ve decided. Your new baby will be healthy and it will bond to you regardless of which you choose!

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