Should The Burqa be Banned in The Western World?

In Italy,  Berlusconi’s allies have recently spoken out against the burqa and revealed plans to prosecute Muslim women from wearing it


In my opinion the use of burqas should have never been allowed in western countries. Governments should have thought about implementing and applying the same set of laws to every group in society before opening the doors to multiculturalism. That way only those who felt comfortable with the rules of the land would come to live here.

Unfortunately, those in power disregarded the negative consequences that stem from multiculturalism when improperly established by allowing occupiers to ” do as they please”. I do think people should be allowed to keep their traditions and behave according to their religion or culture as long as that doesn’t create double standards.Unfortunately, that’s all we have. This only helps to increase tensions between groups in society   and foster xenophobic feelings.

For example: Is it fair that when a cyclist enters a bank or supermarket he/she is asked to take their helmets off when a Muslim woman wearing a burqa will not even be approached and asked to remove it for fear of adopting a discriminatory behavior? I wouldn’t think so.

Now, Is it fair to take back these rights from Muslims? Is it too late to do it? Is it an infringement on fundamental democratic rights?

Well, I don’t know the answer to that. If I were a Muslim I would certainly not be happy with it. As I said I think those in power should have thought about it before.They should have anticipated these situations and problems. Muslims are not to blame.

Now, should we keep things the way they are and let the uneasy feelings grow and culminate in something far worse or should we take action and improve the situation? And will these tensions fade away by taking these rights back?

I believe that as democratic citizens we should be free to wear whatever we deem appropriate as long as our choices do not offend anyone or pose a risk to society. This raises another question: Do women wearing burqas offend other members of the public or pose a risk to society? Some people cannot see why anyone would be offended by a woman who is simply covered up from head to toe. But others would argue: how can anyone be certain that the woman behind the veil is inoffensive?Do we even know if there’s really a woman behind the veil? What if it’s a criminal?

This may sound unrealistic but can you imagine what would happen if we, as a society, decided to wear burqas from tomorrow onwards? I leave it up to your imagination…

The only thing I know is that something is not right, and as much as I appreciate Muslims and certain aspects of their way of life, I am not sure there is a place for the burqa in the western world.