Should you blog for a living

Should you blog for a living? If you currently own a blog, you know how hard it is to obtain traffic and earn revenue from it if you’re new. If you’re a five years old blog, you will be making a great deal of revenue. The difference here is how long you have been blogging and how much have you build your blog over time. It’s all about time and features available to users from your blog. If you don’t open your blog to the community, you will have less traffic and less revenue. If you open yourself up to the community, you will have more traffic and more revenue. This is one of the mistakes that blogger makes. They don’t open themselves up to the community. If you allow users to have an account to write, they will visit you more often, read your work, and maybe help you generate revenues. If you don’t have a community, it could be your one mistake that you need to fix. Myspace, and facebook or youtube all depend on the community for their revenue. If you want to make it big, you will have to open up your website for the community. They will help you earn traffic and in turn revenue. Every website has the power to open up to community members. You should open up every opportunity that you can so that the community will be drawn to you.

Blogging might work if you have been doing it for a long time. It also might work if you have a hot topic like Perez Hilton or Huffington post. It might also work if you have content for search engines to crawl. Search engines friendly website also will make it really good. It will depend on your topic, and how long you have been in business. if you work hard, you will see an increase in traffic, community and revenue. I don’t think that any blog would fail if you put an extra effort in it to make it good. If your topic is poor, you can always change it. It’s the internet and it’s not mortal and brick so you can change it any time. You have to have a reason why people need to visit you.
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If your blog is just like any other blog, then they won’t need to visit you. They can always visit the people that they know already. Why do they need to visit you? You have to give them a fresh point or give them something that they don’t already have. A new and fresh show is always helpful. For example, Perez Hilton is funny and entertaining. I love his website. It’s informative but refreshing and entertaining at the same time and people love entertainment. You have to sit down and find a niche for your blog. It has to be a funny, entertaining, informative and high quality one too. You should never make a website that is poor in quality because people will not want to read it and search engines will not crawl you either. If you can write for other websites, then it’s a plus. It can help you generate some revenues while you wait for your website to take off. However, it’s fun to own a blog because you get to do whatever that you like. You’re the main chief editor and it’s fun to put out your work to the world. It’s satisfying in some ways. It might end up being of something useful someday. You can blog for a living on the side only. You can’t do it as a full time job unless your website is really taking off. You would still need to keep your day job.