Should you date a married woman

Should you date a married woman? If you know that she’s married and you continue to date her then you will have to accept the consequences. There are many consequences for dating a married woman. You will not be the one that she will give her priority to. You will be on an on call basis. It’s a second person to her. She doesn’t really commit to you and she might only see you once in awhile. When she’s not with you, she’s with her husband and kids. She shares her checking account with her husband and kids and not you. She might not even pick up your phone calls if you’re stuck in an emergency. It’s not really is prideful in being the other man. You will see that you’re an extra to her.

Why would you even consider breaking a marriage anyway unless she promised to get a divorce? There could be situations where the woman is going to get a divorce and she can commit to you later. It’s pointless to be with a woman if she won’t get a divorce. You will be on an on call basis but some men will do that for the woman they love. It’s just like how some woman would do it for the man that they love. You can’t really explain it sometimes. Love can make you blind. I was attracted to several people before that were in a marriage but as soon as I found out, I stop thinking about them because it’s pointless to think about married people. Even though I think that the married man was bored of his marriage and he wants something new.

If you don’t know then it’s forgivable. When you do find out, you should consider getting yourself a single woman. There are so many single woman out there who has time for you and will treat you like a priority so why would you date a married woman. Married people are so involved with their family and you don’t deserve the second type of treatment. You deserve better. You deserve to be the first one. You deserve to be treated with love and respect and go anywhere you want without feeling like the husband would see you two together. It’s not a great thing to keep on hiding from her husband. He will find out one day. If you continue it, you will ruin their family and you will create a lot of dramas for the children too. They will lose a family over your affair. It’s better off to have a life of your own.