Shows That Might Get Cancelled in 2019

All good things must come to an end. It’s finally the time for TV spring cleaning, which can be totally brutal. Your favorite show might just be axed very soon. Today, we’ll got at the top 30 shows that will most likely be cancelled next year.

#30. Lethal Weapon

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The Fox small-screen adaptation has had its days numbered since Clayne Crawford‘s awful behind-the-scenes behavior went viral. After replacing him with Seann William Scott, it seemed as if the show had a bright future ahead, until Daman Wayans, the lead man, suddenly quit the show. Its chances of surviving the coming year are very slim.

#29. Charmed

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The Charmed reboot was plagued with bad reviews. The original cast, save Shannen Doherty, expressed their dissatisfaction with the new rendition. Although the ratings are OK, the show is nothing like its predecessor and the original fanbase hates it. Magic won’t help them outta this one.

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#28. Murphy Brown

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Despite having a great cast headed by Candice Bergen, the Murphy Brown reboot is just a shell of its former self. It was actually the lowest-rated show on CBS’ Thursday night lineup. Some things are better left in the past.

#27. Magnum P.I.

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Yet another failed reboot. Can’t they just let these shows rest in peace? This flashy Hawaiian drama is losing its audience at a very fast pace, and competing with Fox’s 9-1-1 is only making it worse.

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#26. Criminal Minds

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The long-running drama will reach its 300th episode very soon and naturally, the story is running dry.  Season 14 debuted to 4.45 million viewers, making it the lowest watched episode of the show ever. Perhaps, its time to lay this classic to rest.

#25. How to Get Away with Murder

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How to get away with 75 episodes and 5 seasons: probably by canceling the soapy drama before it gets too boring. Now that creator Shonda Rhimes struck a deal with Netflix to make new shows, the future of HTGAWM is uncertain. If the show manages to get another season, it will probably be the last.

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#24. Marvel’s the Defenders

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After cancelling both Iron Fist and Luke Cage, it’s only a matter of time before Netflix cancels this one. Marvel took the film industry by storm, but it just can’t seem to make good series. Sad!

#23. A Million Little Things

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This show tries so hard to be This Is Us that it’s painful to watch.  On top of an okay-ish premiere, audience interest is only declining. Although the cast is very solid, the writers just can’t make it interesting.

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#22. The Good Place

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Although critically acclaimed, The Good Place isn’t gathering the views it used to. After season 3, Episode 7, the show actually went to the bad place by suffering a huge dip in the 18-49 age demographic. Hopefully, this underrated show will resurrect once more.

#21. Rel

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While it had a lot of potential when it started, it has lost all its originality. Not only was it shoved into Fox’s Sunday animated lineup without being an animated show, but it is the weakest show in the group, gathering a meager 2.8 million viewership.

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#20. Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

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Unfortunately, the sixth season of the show was delayed and shortened, which is usually a sign that a show might be coming to an end. On top of that, ABC pushed the series to the Friday night slot, which only makes it worse. Hopefully, the show will survive against the odds.

#19. Lucifer

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Although Fox canceled the show, Lucifer got a second chance at life by being picked up by Netflix. However, the shift to a new network hasn’t been the best, and Netflix isn’t afraid of disposing of shows, even if they have a cult fanbase. Good luck, Lucifer.

#18. Single Parents

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Even though it started out with awful ratings, Single Parents managed to stabilize with a passible viewership. However, it just hasn’t gotten enough viewers to stay afloat. If you’re a diehard fan of the show, keep an eye on it, cause it might not come back next year.

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#17. Fuller House

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Despite going strong for 4 seasons, Fuller House may be axed soon, as creator Jeff Franklin was fired after allegations of his misconduct became public. On top of that, the audience’s interest has been declining. Spin-offs never make it this far anyway.

#16.  Madam Secretary

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Competing against Sunday sports-casting has certainly helped the show become CBS’ lowest-rated scripted series last season. Although Season 5 premiered with 6.2 million viewers, matching last season’s average, the show’s weak overall performance and steadily depleting viewership will probably get the show canceled.

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#15. Suits

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After Meghan Markle and Patrick J. Adams left the show, is there any point in continuing the show without them? Although the addition of Katherine Heigl and Dule Hill to the show was a good idea, the show just isn’t what it used to be. Better quit while you’re ahead!

#14. God Friended Me

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Just like a beloved family pet clinging to life, it would be better to just put this show out of its misery. The show suffered the second biggest decline in week two of ratings for a new show. And, to be honest, Brandon Michael deserves a better show to display his talent.

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#13. The Alec Baldwin Show

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The Alec Baldwin Show gathers about 2 million viewers on average, and is failing miserably. Being a talk-show host is clearly not Baldwin’s thing, and the show’s cancellation will come as a surprise to no one.

#12. Take Two

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Not only did the show got off to a very poor start, but also its ratings continued to drop with every passing episode. However, not all hope is lost. The Season 1 finale got a significant boost, and as it is a summer series, ABC might revamp it for a 2019 return. Fingers crossed!

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#11. Dynasty

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The reboot of the iconic 80s drama couldn’t be more different from the original. Season 1 got disastrous ratings, but somehow the show managed to get a second season. Can’t The CW just give up on it already?

#10. The Cool Kids

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Despite a strong start, the show has seen a steady decline in viewership, and the writing is everything but cool. Time to lay it to rest.

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#9. Happy Together

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Did you know that Happy Together is loosely based on Harry Styles‘ life, and he even serves as an executive producer? Maybe he should stick to music. The show was expected to perform much better than it actually has, and the one direction this show is headed to is cancellation.

#8. I Feel Bad

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Although the show is produced by Amy Poehler, the series isn’t getting enough viewership to stay alive. Also, the embarrassing 27% rating on Rotten Tomatoes isn’t helping. Therefore, not many people will feel bad once it’s given the boot.

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#7. The Proposal

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The Bachelor‘s spin-off is just not adapted to current times. Not only does it perpetuate strange and absurd dating practices (e.g. parading women in bikinis to find them a partner), but also one contestant was accused of sexual assault. Get it together, ABC!

#6. Salvation

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The rather forgettable Salvation gathered only 3.3 million viewers, showing a 30% decline in viewership in comparison with its premiere. There truly isn’t any salvation for this one.

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#5. The Blacklist

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After 6 seasons, the show has officially run out of ideas. It no longer carries a loyal fanbase, and its spin-off, Redemption, was canceled in 2017. The fact that it suffered time-slot changes only makes it worse. It’s time to let it go.

#4. Mary Kills People

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The controversial lifetime drama didn’t do as well as expected. A third season was ordered to air in Canada, but it’s unclear whether it will air in the US. Ergo, its future is uncertain. 

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#3. The Kids are Alright

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Despite having decent ratings, the comedy just isn’t enough to gather much viewer interest, and might be let go in order to make room for another show with more potential.

#2. All American

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Based on the life of NFL player Spencer Paysinger, the show only attracted 685,000 total views, which makes it the least watched series on our list. Despite trying to be a soapy drama, it hasn’t shown real depth yet. If it doesn’t pick up soon, it will probably be permanently benched.

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#1. Modern Family

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After winning many awards and running for 10 seasons, Modern Family might come to an end next year. After teasing the death of an important chracter, the grand reveal was anything but disappointing, and fans weren’t happy. It seems the show is running out of ideas, and perhaps, the time has come for Modern Family to drop the curtain. Sometimes, it’s better to see a beloved show go, rather than watching it become a stretched- out series, milked until its last drop.