Simple Jewelry Cleaning Solutions

Most of us love wearing jewelry and it enhances the beauty of all people. But due to the pollution and dirt, precious jewelry losses its look and shine. So it becomes very important to clean jewelry as it remains very close to our body. Here are few solutions to clean the precious jewelry.


Diamonds can be easily cleaned by rubbing it in a piece of blackboard chalk and cleaning it with a clean and soft cloth.

Another simple method is immersing the diamond jewelry in warm water mixed with a pinch of detergent powder. Always use soft-bristle toothbrush to clean the diamond jewelry.


In a cup of warm water, add a pinch of mild detergent powder. Immerse the gold ornaments in it for few minutes and clean it using soft bristle tooth brush. This method is very effective for cleaning gold ornaments.


Silver ornaments normally turns black due to oxidization, this can be prevented by placing it in a box with camphor.

Another simple method is to rub toothpaste on the silver ornaments, and then wipe it with clean and soft cloth.


Quick method to clean pearl ornaments is wiping it with a soft and clean cloth, which is dipped in juice of white pumpkin.

Another easy method is to clean it with warm water mixed with mild detergent. Always remember to use soft bristle tooth brush to clean the ornaments of any type.

Stones (semi precious/precious)

Brush the stones with tooth brush dipped in a soap solution. After this, wipe it with soft cloth. To clean jewelry made with stones, hold it over the steam for few minutes and wipe it with soft cloth.

Costume Jewelry

The color of costume jewelries can be protected by applying a colorless nail varnish over it. This method is cheap and easy, and also prevents the jewelry from losing its color.