Six Gardening Tips

You can have your very own garden, whether it is big or small. When you do plant your own garden, you will have to take care of it just so you can keep it healthy and maintain. To well-maintain, you need to have the know-how and determination. Having those two things will help you to keep the garden in your yard healthy and in good shape. So if you are looking to maintain your garden and keep it strong and alive, then here are six gardening tips to help you to do just that.

Tip #1: Deadheading.
Deadhead or remove any dead flower heads from your garden. This will help to encourage the plans to produce more longer blooms. Some flowers that can benefit from having their dead blooms removed are dahlias and geraniums. So be sure to keep your border free of dried leaves and wilted flowers.

Tip #2: Pinch Out The Tops.
When the tops of certain plants are pinched out, they will respond with a growth spurt. By pinching out the top, it makes the plants more bushier, allowing more blooms to produce. Some examples of plants that should be pinched out at the top are Coleus and Fuchsias. You can pinch out the tops of the plants by simply pinching of the top growing point it off between the forefinger and the thumb.

Tip #3: Lightly Fertilize.
You can boost the growth of your vegetation by using the minimal amount of fertilizer. You should try to use liquid fertilizer for some plants, including container plants. In fact, they will actually become healthier if you regularly apply a half-strength solution of liquid fertilizer. If you water your yard often, then it will cause a nutrient depletion. So you will have to fertilize it more. So in the end, it may be better to either lightly fertilize or use a liquid fertilizer.

Tip #4: Weed Out.
Plants and weeds are basically in competition for the moisture and nutrients. So you should try to weed out the weeds. You can leave them as they are to rot down for mulch if they are not close to seeding. But if they are close to seeding, then you need to get rid of them. You can use a wick applicator and weedicide. A wick applicator is better than a spray, as it will keep your plants from getting sprayed by the weedicide. But getting rid of the weeds that can be harmful to your garden is very important.

Tip #5: Water Them Well.
The fifth of the six garden tips is to water your garden well! If you water it well, it will help the deeper roots to grow. This will also help it to withstand any dry weather. So atleast once a week, thoroughly soak the garden with water.

Tip #6: Do Not Use Chemicals.
This is a very important tip. Chemicals are dangerous to human beings and natural predators that can get rid of the pest in your garden. So for the safety of you, your garden, and other pests that you do not want to harm, you need to avoid using chemicals. You can try organic alternatives to these chemicals that work almost as well as the harmful chemicals.

It is very important that you follow these easy six garden tips. If you follow the directions in these tips, then your garden can stay well-maintained, keeping it healthy, strong, and alive! Good luck and have fun with your garden!
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