Smoking For Style Stay For The Health Risk

Some people who smoke just as style it to be acceptable in certain environments, or referred by social smoking. But that does not mean smokers of this type are not dangerous, because he still has the risk of disease

Social smoking is becoming a new nickname for the current generation. The pattern of smoking is limited to social settings such as in bars, pubs, nightclubs, when gathered with friends or music events. This is done so that it is received by the environment or just a style.

But one study showed that people who smoke only in certain environmental conditions are still having the same health risks to people who smoke regularly.

The study, published in The New England Journal of Medicine found no safe level of tobacco consumption is known. Even if someone only smoked a few sticks in a week it still puts a particular risk to health.

Here are some health hazards associated with smoking light or inconsistent smoking, as quoted from Lifemojo, Friday (09/16/2011), namely:
1. Increased risk for heart disease
2. Having high blood pressure
3. High cholesterol and clogged arteries
4. Respiratory tract infections
5. Quality and poor sperm production as well as complicate the process of fertilization
6. More slowly in the process of injury recovery
7. Risk of some cancers such as lung, esophagus and pancreas.

Trying to quit smoking as difficult social with people who smoke regularly. Even so there are some things you can do and are trained from day to day to quit smoking, namely:

   1. Try to avoid other smokers, because generally it will smoke if there are other people who smoke, so if you reduce the trigger will have an impact on the drastic reduction in cigarettes.
2. Changing social patterns by restricting go to places or environments such as bars and parties that could be a trigger.
3. Try to find something else that could be done if there are people who smoke, such as chewing gum.
4. Avoid alcohol, because after consuming alcoholic beverages will increase the desire to smoke.
5. Register with the support group, this group can later share their stories and find solutions to address social smoking.