Sobiz10 Launches First And Only Fully Automated Consumer-Driven Daily Deals Site (Cdd)

SoBiz10 ( is Beta testing what will be the first and only fully automated Consumer Driven Daily Deal site (CDD).  For the first time, consumers can post the deals they and their friends want and businesses can respond all within the SoBiz10 platform.  Consumers get the deals they want, at the price they want, when they want it.  Businesses get to tap the viral buying power of CDD to generate new customers at the price and pace they want for less revenue share than other group coupon offerings.

“Who the hell wants another daily deal site?  Nobody!” said SoBiz10 founder, Marion Mariathasan.  “It would just be more crap people most often don’t want and certainly don’t need. But, CDD shifts the power to the consumer, letting them post the deals they want and need and enables the businesses to respond.  Consumers get exactly what they want, when they want it at the price they want it.  Businesses drive new business and viral purchasing.”

How it works:

Step 1:  Consumer posts desired discount encouraging 10 of their friends to support the offer
Step 2:  Business receives an email, text, voicemail alerting them to the opportunity
Step 3:  Business can choose to accept, deny or counter-offer
Step 4:  Once the ultimate deal has been accepted, the consumer and friends receive their deals and pay for them through SoBiz10
Step 5:  SoBiz10 enables the business to take that deal to the broader SoBiz10 marketplace with controlled availability
Step 6:  SoBiz10 alerts other members the availability of the deal so more people can enjoy the benefit of the deal
Step 7:  Business enjoys the benefit of new business and new customers
Step 8:  SoBiz10 takes only a 25% revenue share, compared to the 50% of most other daily deal sites.
Step 9:  SoBiz10 makes 25 cents per coupon purchased donation to the charity of the originating consumers’ charity of choice.

Plus, consumers can request deals by category.  So if they don’t know who the best merchant is in the Dental & Vision category, they can create a deal by category and have merchants respond to their deal request.  This feature allows for consumers to learn about new businesses in their city while giving merchants the option drive new customers.

“So merchants can capture customers that already expressed intense interest in their product for less of a revenue share than other group coupon sites, while consumers get what they want at super savings,” continues Mariathasan.  “The only company out there coming close to what we are doing is Priceline, but it’s still consumers reacting to the deals Priceline has negotiated.  CDD turns the whole relationship on its head.”  In addition, the entire process happens within 24 hours of the organizer requesting the deal.  Our fully automated model allows for multiple deals to be organized and available for consumers within 48 hours.

SoBiz10 has been Beta tested in Denver and Lawrence, KS using the old daily deal model, and currently has more than 17,000 consumer members and 2,000 merchants.  Consumers and businesses can register to be a part of the new CDD model by emailing  

SoBiz10 has invested $560,000 thus far to develop and test the model.  Currently the company is looking for strategic partners and outside funding partners to take the product national and ultimately global.
The founder mentioned that they are currently in discussions with three substantial strategic partners/acquirers.