Sony playstation portable

The PlayStation portable is an amazing gaming device. It has a 333mhz processor and a 166mhz graphics processor and 64mb of ram if you have the psp slim if you have the fat then its only 32mb.. this allows the psp to play 3D games way better than any other dedicated hand-held gaming device. The Playstation portable has a plethora of useful features.

One feature that is a real plus for the psp is the internet browser. i will go into detail about each and every feature of the Playstation portable in-depth.

internet web browser: The internet web browser of the Playstation portable is not perfect but it does good for basic things like email and MySpace.

 video: The video play back of the device is very good. the problems that i do see when using it though is how long it takes to convert a video to run natively on the psp. Believe me it takes a long time.

Music: the music playback is great but i wish it had more features like playlists and organisation.

 photo: this features kinda on the useless side.

games: This is what it does best and the main reason you buy it. the psp can render some Beautiful 3d graphics.

All in all i give this game console a perfect 10/10 because of the fact that it is so feature rich and gives you an internet browser multiple multi media functions and the absolute greatest portable gaming experience you can possibly get out of a portable device now. And ive already recommended this to all of my friends