Sosuke Aizen’s hollow powers(The ultimate Vizard)

I’ve made this topic already in yahoo but I’ve decided to make it again in Bukisa. This topic will probably tap most Bleach fans’ curiosities to their fullest. Imagine what happens when the series’ main antagonist, Sosuke Aizen ever transforms into a hollow? Interesting right?

We’ve already seen how hollow powers increase a shinigami’s power even further, as seen with Ichigo and the Vizards. An ordinary shinigami becomes exponentially more powerful upon donning a hollow mask. The Vizards, along with Ichigo Kurosaki, are extraordinarily powerful – their powers even exceed the powers of some of the strongest captains in the Gotei 13 such as Zaraki Kenpachi, Kuchiki Byakuya, Komamura Sajin, and maybe even General Yamamoto. The Vizards’ powers rival those of the mighty Espadas. But imagine what happens when Sosuke Aizen, a shinigami who is presumably the strongest villain in the series, transforms into a hollow to augment his already phenomenal powers.

Knowing how brilliant Tite Kubo is, I know that he’d come up with this great idea. In our experience with animes, we know that a villain will save his or her trump card until the protagonist begins to outclass him/her. This is what Aizen will probably do when Ichigo starts overwhelming him with the power that he used to make short work of Ulquiorra.

In my opinion, even without using hollow powers, Aizen’s strength is already greater than the Vizards’. If he dons a hollow mask to power up, he’ll definitely bring down the pain. Our common sense tells us that there must be a reason why the Espadas, including the mighty Ulquiorra, are obeying every single orders that Aizen gives, and it can only mean that Aizen has the power to disintegrate any arrancar who refuses to do what he asks for.

While not openly stated, Aizen is one of the coolest-looking characters in the series and even though he didn’t make it to being in the recent top 10 most popular Bleach characters, fans can’t deny that Aizen is a cool guy.