Special Bread Rolls

A super easy recipe that you and your kids can make together! Aside from bond time with your children, these Bread Rolls are also great as a finger food for parties, group studies, and movie nights with the family. 😀

I got this recipe from my classmate way back in high school. He brought this for a pool party we had and everyone was dying to know how it was made.

It’s really REALLY easy and you won’t have a hard time finding the ingredients. So here it is. Enjoy!

What you will need:

A loaf of sliced bread, mayonnaise, cheese (in singles or you can cut them in tiny cubes), cooked hotdogs (either the cocktail sized ones or again you can cut them into tiny cubes), eggs, bread crumbs

The How to:

1)      Flatten the slices of bread.

2)      Spread an ample amount of mayonnaise unto each slice.

3)      At one side of the slice, place enough hotdogs and cheese so that you can still roll the slice of bread.

4)      Roll the bread slices and if they try to open up use a toothpick to lock them in place.

5)      Beat the eggs until foamy, and brush a tiny bit of it on the bread rolls. Just so the bread crumbs will stick.

6)      Have these rolls rollin’ on a plate of bread crumbs!

7)      You can either bake these bread rolls under medium heat in the oven or oven toaster, or microwave oven or you can cook them with oil until golden brown.

These bread rolls are yummier when they are hot. 😀 So don’t wait for them to cool down, gobble them all up before that happens! And I’m sure these bread rolls will not last 5 minutes on the table.

Hope you try it!