Specific Formatting Options

The Format Editor opened from any field contains the Common, Border, Font, and Hyperlink tabs. String fields have an additional Paragraph Fur-matting tab. Other field types have additional tabs that provide formatting options for the particular field type. When you open the Format Editor, the dialog box holds all tabs related to the data type of the field you have selected.

Date, Time, and Date/Time Fields

When formatting a Date, Time, or Date/Time field on a report, the Date/ Time fab becomes available in the Format Editor. This tab contains many options, and you can experiment with them by watching as the sample at the bottom use the dialog box changes. Click the Customize button to customize your date/time field format. This opens the Custom Style dialog box with three tabs providing formatting options.

•   Date/Time Type tab. From this tab, select what data to print from the dale/time field, such as just Date, Time, Date/Time, or Time/Date.

Date tab. Use this tab to set options for Format, Order, Day of Week, and separators. These areas of the dialog box allow you to format the date to read exactly as you want. Any options you set appear in the Sample box at the bottom of the dialog box.

Currency and Number Fields

The Number tab appears in the Format Editor whether you selected a num­ber field or a currency field to format.

Number Tab •

The Number tab gives you a list of common options for formatting numbers on a report. Select the Display Currency Symbol check box to display the system default currency symbol (this comes from the Windows regional setting).To customize the number format or currency symbol, click the Customize button to access ninny options available to specifically format the way. Numbers look on a report, regardless of how they exist in your data­base. The Custom Style dialog box opens with tabs for number and currency symbol options, described next.

•   Suppress if Zero. Select this check box to suppress the field if it equals zero. The field still exists on the report and figures into any calculations, but does not print a zero.