Speed up and Boost your Internet Connection with this method in 1 minute 100% works!!

Most of you people will be unaware of this fact that Microsoft reserves 20% of your available bandwidth for
its own puposes such as updates and interrogating you machine etc.
It really affect in your internet speed and slows it down.
Suppose you have a 1 mbps(1024 kbps) internet connection, so by default
configuration your system will allow you to use 80% of full speed, because 20% your bandwidth area is reserved. Why to wait so? Disable it! Now!

I am posting a simple method here to disable it and boost up you internet speed.

1- Click Start > Run
2- Type gpedit.msc
3- This opens the group policy editor.
4- Go to Local Computer Policy > Computer Coniguration > Administrative Templates
5- Then go to  Network > QOS Packet Scheduler > Limit reservable bandwith.
6- It will say it is not conigured.
7- Click -> Enable
8- Set it to zero.
9- Done!

This will allow the system the system to reserve nothing rather than 20% that was default. cheers!
This will increase your surfing, downloading and uploading speed.

Comment on this post only if you feel that your speed has boosted up, because i have tried this methos and it really 100% works!!!!!
Also, if you are facing any problem, ask in comments!
Also try a software “Threatfire” to avoid the applications that connects to the internet in a manner that you are unknown of it. Almost 7 out of 10 Softwares has a tendency to connect itself to the internet in a manner that is secret and without using browsers. these softwares connects to internet and transfer data that contains the information about the actvity how you use the applications etc etc. that may slow down your speed.
Enjoy — by Arpit Tailang