Spicy Spices Fight Cancer Alternative

Researchers around the world continue to seek new and better treatments for various forms of cancer. One of the researchers found a little spicy in the diet or the daily diet can help prevent cancer.

In a research laboratory at Houston’s MD Anderson Cancer Clinic, Bharat Aggarwal has studied the use of spices as medicines, such as turmeric which has been very frequently used for treatment

“Spices have been frequently used in everyday life as a meat preservative, the spice has an anti-fungal properties, anti bacterial, and anti-virus,” Aggarwal said as quoted by VOANews, Tuesday (09/27/2011).

Most of the research on traditional medicine focuses a lot on the turmeric. Turmeric is one of the main ingredient in curry sauce, which has proven effective in reducing tumors and cancer.

Although some doctors have doubted the idea of ​​using herbs to treat cancer, but Aggarwal keep trusting it. And now, other researchers also said that the spices showed good results in fighting cancer.

“Many studies have been conducted to test curcumin. Approximately 100 mg of turmeric enough to relieve inflammation in people,” said Aggarwal.

Aggarwal was the first researcher to suggest that, whether or turmeric and other natural ingredients can help to stop cancer. He advocated changes in diet and lifestyle by eating a variety of natural foods.

“There are 800 types of natural food ingredients, but the average American does not consume more than 10 species,” said Aggarwal.

This is the same approach taken by Atlanta chef Hans Rueffert, who demonstrated keahliaan in making the salad on Cancer Survivorship Conference in Houston.

Rueffert also always use fresh ingredients for every type of cuisine. “I think every good cook must continue to learn about different cooking cultures, different cuisines, and can take the best from each,” explained Rueffert.

But Rueffert more interested in eating healthy because he is also a cancer sufferer. Rueffert’ve lost some of his stomach and part of the esophagus because of the disease.

“I know how it feels to undergo radiation therapy and chemotherapy, even I know what it’s like surgery,” said Rueffert.

Diet and gene therapy

Aggarwal thought to be able to find chemicals in foods and spices. The chemicals contained in spices is believed to be more effective in preventing cancer as compared to the expensive research related to genetics.

Aggarwal said that, spices such as turmeric has long been known to benefit health.

“The natural compound has been very beneficial for health and has been used for thousands of years and are very cheap,” said Aggarwal.

Cost is an important consideration for any country especially the poor and developing countries, even so did the United States.