Spiritually Cleanse Your Home of Bad Mojo

The first thing to do (and this is very important) is to take a bucket of warm water that has some sea salt mixed into and wash your floors with it BY HAND. It is said that washing your floors with salt water is very theraputic and makes it clear that the home is your domain. If you have carpets – fill the shampooer with salt water or simply spray salt water on all the floors and the furniture.

Next, burn sage. You can order this online or pick up at any wacky voodoo store. I recommend doing this once a week for a month to completely rid your home of residual bad energy. I also recommend doing this after negative guests have darkened your home. Walk around with a white candle in one hand and the sage in the other. Use the candle to light the sage as needed and blow or wave the smoke into all the corners of all the rooms. As you do, command all negative energy to leave and invite only cleansing and positive energy. Make it clear that this is your home.

Hang crystals in the window. As you do so, ask the crystals to deflect all negative energy outside and to reflect only positive sunny energy into your home.

To personally protect yourself, take a sea salt or mineral salt bath. Soak in it for up to 30 minutes with no distractions (except positive reading or music). Dip yourself continuously in the water. Before drying off, rinse yourself thoroughly in the shower to remove any residual bad energy.

Clean your home. This is ESSENTIALLY important. Before you start, look around and realize that your home reflects your inner spiritual house. Are the floors cluttered? What does this say about you? One of the most important things to notice is a home that is clean at first glance, but entirely messy and disorganized within (in closests, shelves, etc). A person who is disorganized privately has many spiritual closets they need to care for.

Get a cat. Yes, cats are natural spiritual dusters of the home. They visit every nook and cranny and remove all dark and gloomy spiritual dustballs. The first time I moved into my home, all three of my cats emerged with cobwebs covering their faces for days. I knew then, the true meaning of cats spiritually cleaning your home. I still have no clue where these cobwebs came from.

Such a simple thing: open all your windows and doors for one hour. Set fans in the windows or doors and blow all the energy outside. Afterwards, light some candles, burn some sage and enjoy your newly “blown-out” home.

Final Thoughts: You are the person that ultimately defines the spiritual nature of your home. If you come home continously stressed after work, you will eventually build up a lot of negative energy in the home. If you are frustrated with your husband or your children: you create bad energy. Ask yourself how YOU can be a person of peace and spiritual grace for your home and you will find that your house is a place that people desire to be.