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Hulk Hogan made some remarks at a book signing recently about his “vision” for TNA . His vision includes such names as Rob Van Dam ,the Nasty Boys , Macho man Randy Savage , and Stone Cold Steve Austin. While at least some of these names are complete pipe dreams lets take a look and see any way . Savage is looking way to old to be doing much of anything and I really don’t see him wanting any part of this circus. Austin is way to focused on his movie career and lets not kid ourselves , he doesn’t really like Hogan that much anyway. Now the Nasty boys in the short term coming in and feuding team 3D is a good idea but I don’t see it as ratings grabber . The biggest name on the Hulkster’s wish list is RVD. Truly one of the most gifted athletes that ever graced a ring , Van Dam is the biggest catch out there, and based on the fact that he has been back stage at several TNA tapings , he’s ripe for signing. He is a name that you can plug right in to the main event and that’s what they need the most right now.

Staying with TNA for a bit , the card for tomorrow’s Turning point PPV is final and while nothing really jumps out at me , I am wondering where they are going with this Joe vs. AJ vs. Daniels match for the TNA Belt . Could this be a reward for Daniels having to be Curry Man for so long . Maybe this is how they convinced Kazz not to quit doing Suicide by letting him think he will get a big push once they get rid of the Suicide character .

On the injury front , apparently Rey Mysterio is working through a lot of pain these days and is in need of knee surgery as soon as possible . It is being reported that his ACL and PCL are all but destroyed and the injured joint is bone to bone . Why the hell didn’t they shut him down during this suspension he had and get it taken care of then. No they put him in a program with Batista and risk more damage . Just another sign that the little guy not getting any respect in the big mans world. Wake up Vince , as much as you don’t want to admit it you need Rey to help this squeaky clean image you have been trying to push .

Some names are being thrown around for the Hall of Fame and some of them are come under the heading of Koko B ware logic. The Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase is a lock and should have gone in years ago. Jake the Snake Roberts while deserving well it’s still Jake The Snake . The man has burned so many bridges in the business that he’s lucky anybody talks to him. Ultimate Warrior please , isn’t he still suing the WWE. And if Lawrence Taylor gets in before Owen Hart or Randy Savage then I don’t want to even know who else gets in ever.

Looking forward to Raw this Monday . The hot Rod is the guest host and if Vince is there it could be fun. Oh by the way, when one of your ex Diva’s gets voted the biggest celebrity in Baltimore and your having a show there soon , don’t you think she warrants a call. Stacy Keibler said she didn’t even get considered as the guest host and even had her management team reach out to the WWE. I have been critical of the Diva Image but if your going to continue it , you can surgically enhance a lot of things , but not Forty one inch legs.

Well that’s all for know . See you when I see you.