St. Patrick’s day parade in Chicago 2009

St. Patrick’s Day parades are all over the world and in every part of the US. You should come out and celebrate in your town. The parade is at every state in the Us. Chicago will also have a very nice parade. This Saturday, March 14th, you can get ready for the Chicago’s annual St. Patrick’s Day parade. It starts at 12pm. The parade will start at Balbo Columbus to north or Columbus Dr. and you can view it from Buckingham Fountain. You can watch dyeing the Chicago River at 10:45 am from the bridges at Michican Ave. or Columbus Dr.

They recommend that you take a public transportation ride than driving. You can take Blue or Red Lines, Brown, Green or Orange Lines, Metra, and Bus. If you drive there the parking fee is $5 to $20. The parking lot is at Balbo and Michigan, Lake and Van Buren, Navy Pier. The Chicago queen will be Julie Popp. The show will air on WGN, Ch.9 nationally. You should dress warm for the weather.

You can plan ahead as to where you want to be so that you don’t have to fight the crowd so much because there will be a lot of people. You should pick in advance which side of the street you want to view the parade. You can bring food, water, cell phone, and warm clothing as it’s about three hours long. It’s a long walk from the dyeing river to the parade.