Start a New Career as a Funeral Director

Arranging and organising services related to funerals are usually taken care of by undertakers, who are also called funeral directors. To achieve success in this profession the undertaker carrying out these tasks should have certain important and unique skills and attributes.

An undertaker should be energetic and be ready to work beyond normal schedule, as he has to be on call 24 hours a day. This is primarily an outdoors job, which will need him to be outside the office for most of the time.

An undertaker should be a good communicator and a patient listener. With customers hailing from so many religions, cultures and communities he must be able to interact with and manage each one of them successfully. Understanding and sympathy will be of much importance in the course of his job. As an undertaker, he is also expected to counsel the family members in time of grief, and he must not allow distress or grief to cloud his abilities.

Although the job is by nature sombre and serious, the undertakers must impart an aura of serenity to the funeral service instead of more grief or unhappiness through their attitude.

Knowledge of different religious beliefs, practices and sentiments, and profound respect for these greatly helps undertakers in succeeding in their profession. As different people follow various funeral rites and rituals, it is advantageous to have understanding of these.

An undertaker must have good managerial and organizational skills. He should also possess leadership abilities and must be able to interact with a wide range of people – from the church priests to the flower seller.

As the undertaker will shoulder the responsibility of getting all clearances and following all regulations with respect to the event, he will need to thoroughly know such procedures and legal matters. He will need to be fully conscious of rules to be followed with respect to collecting death certificates or claims for insurance.

Finally, he should essentially be able to and be eligible to drive vehicles like limousines and hearses during the funeral service.