Steps Involved in a Red Cross Donation

Making a Red Cross donation is a really simple process with some simple steps to follow with the help of plenty of online assistance. When you are making a Red Cross donation you are helping out someone in need and also benefiting from it yourself. The first step involved in Red Cross donation is to find out the nearest Red Cross Chapter. You would find lot of car donation centers for Red Cross donation in your city or state. You have to find the chapter which is closest to your place, so that your Red Cross donation becomes easier. Once you find the chapter you have to visit the website and fill an online form for Red Cross donation. You can make Red Cross donation of all kinds of vehicles including speed boats, trucks, trailers, RVs and even SUVs if you wish to.

The next step for Red Cross donation is to check if you have all the documentation required to make the donation. The certificate of title is most important, although you can make the Red Cross donation even if you have lost the document. However, you would need to inform the Red Cross donation representative about the same, so that you can receive assistance in the process. When you want to go for Red Cross donation you also have to decide whether you want to drop the vehicle yourself. If you are too busy for that or if the vehicle is not in a drivable condition, you can request for free pickup or towing service at the time of filling the form for Red Cross donation.

Prior to making Red Cross donation you also have to estimate the fair market value of the vehicle. When you make Red Cross donation of a vehicle in excess of $500, you must either submit the sale statement for the car if it was auctioned or a confirmation from Red Cross, about the value of the car, if it is being used for some charitable project. In order to get the benefits of a Red Cross donation, you also have to submit the requisite IRS forms along with the written acknowledgement from Red Cross. For Red Cross donation your written acknowledgement should state that you did not receive any goods or services in return. 1098-C is the form that you should submit for claiming tax deductions. When you make a Red Cross donation in excess of $500, IRS form 8283 will be required.