Steps on How To Feel Good About Yourself

  1. STOP PUTTING LABELS INTO YOURSELF.“Frizzo” “Fat Girl” “Loser”, remember those words? Maybe these are the reasons why you are holding back from whatever you wanted to do. Instead replace them with positive ones. Always remember that we are created individually with a unique quality in ourselves waiting to be discovered at the right time.
  2. PLAY UP WITH YOUR FAVORITE PART OF YOUR BODY.You should learn how to understand your flaw but embracing your beauty isn’t bad either. If you’re a man try out a new hairstyle, which most men are obsessed to get this done flawlessly. If you’re a woman you can wear red lipstick, its eye catching and sexy. It can also brighten up your whole face.
  3. REWARD YOURSELF.Having a makeover once in a while isn’t a bad thing. You can have a new haircut that you’re dying to try on; you could also change your hair color. You could give yourself a manicure or pedicure or buy an accessory you’re dying to have.
  4.  LISTENING TO MUSIC. It’s okay to hear sad songs once in a while if you’re feeling down or brokenhearted but when these becomes your diversion it can make you miserable even more. Instead, choose songs to play that are inspiring or can make you groove out of your bed. Try upbeat song like TIKTOK by Kesha.
  5. STOP COMPETING.It can keep you motivated but when you start proving to outdo anyone else and comparing yourself to others and not getting you wanted it can hurt your ego plus you’ll lose your self-belief. Instead, worry less and focus on things you enjoy like writing a poem, painting, donating or giving you service to charity.
  6. SMILE EVERYDAY.Theirs something delightful about a simple smile that can make someone feel better and trust me it’s worth it.