Stick-To-Your Ribs Southern Style Potato Salad

These proportions are approximate, as I am one of those cooks who samples and adjusts until things taste good to me. (Lol!)

Potatoes (of course) – boiled, peeled and diced or smashed into ½ inch chunks

Eggs – boiled and finely diced (approximately 1 egg for every 2 medium – sized potatoes)

Onion – diced (1 tablespoon per potato)

Celery – diced (1 tablespoon per potato)

Sweet pickle relish – (1 tablespoon per potato)

Yellow Mustard (1 teaspoon per potato, for coloring)

Sugar – (1 ½ teaspoons to counteract the sourness of the mustard)

Miracle Whip Salad Dressing – (1 ½ tablespoon per potato, depending on the desired consistency/creaminess of the salad)

As a rule, I generally boil the potatoes whole and peel them once they’ve cooled (the skin comes right off using your fingers) as I despise peeling potatoes, but you can peel and dice them before boiling if you so choose as this does make them cook faster.  Boil them until they are soft (you can poke a fork through them) but not mushy.

Place the diced potatoes into a mixing bowl – large enough to give you enough room to fold other ingredients in, as the mixture is heavy and a little difficult to mix.  (Ladies, this is an excellent recipe for firming the upper arms!)

Add the remaining ingredients except the Miracle Whip and mix until all the ingredients are visually dispersed through the mixture.

Add the Miracle Whip and mix until the mixture is well coated.

Chill and enjoy!

Note: My potato salad has been a hit at every cookout, party, church dinner, etc. for the last 30 years. I think you will enjoy it, too! If you’d like, you can add sliced boiled eggs and paprika on top for a presentational “kick”.