Stop Making Excuses And Start Maximizing Your Sports Training

shift is the transformation a person goes through mentally to improve as an athlete. This can include changing habits like eating better, training harder and living a more productive life.

Today I want to talk about…..

Crucial Step #1 – Quit Making Excuses!

The number one killer mistake for athletes is making excuses. These mental errors are what will really set you back fast! You must regularly check yourself as a person if you are doing this! You need to regularly analyze you inner self-talk to keep these to a minimum.

Training to be a top level athlete can be much easier, you just have to set up a winning system and follow it. When you find yourself making an excuse catch yourself and ask yourself this question; how can I make this happen? And not phrase your thoughts like I can’t do this or I just couldn’t do this!

The reason why it is important to eliminate excuses is that over time these excuses will prevent you from taking action that leads toward your dreams and goals. Every minute of procrastination is a minute that could have been exchanged for self-improvement. These precious minutes of self-improvement can make huge difference in your life!

Another reason why it is important to quit making excuses is that it sets up horrible life long habits. If you start making excuses now while you are attempting to be a top level athlete, guess what? You will probably do the same in the next complicated self-improvement journey you take on.  Don’t set yourself up for failure!

Many athletes aren’t sure how to solve this problem, but it is quite easy. You have to take some time and take an inventory of what challenges you are presented with each day. Once this inventory is complete you can start to attack each of them systematically.

Look for solutions to your challenges through organization and education. These are powerful tools! If you’re obstacles are written down and there is not a solution for them then look for answers. Search for anything that can teach you about that subject and look for people who have done what you are trying to do.

Books, the internet and magazines are a great start to look for information. Once you find good information use it and see if it works.  Then you can fine tune your system to tailor it to your specific needs. Small, step by step adjustments each day can make a dramatic difference over time.

In closing I just wanted to thank you for reading my material. I know you are very busy and time is very valuable so I hope you take this small amount of information and use it. Work hard and smart to improve your sports training by eliminating excuses!

If you do this amazing things can happen.

By: Athlete Training Program