Sugar Addiction: Part 2

Today is Part 2:   Never to eat sugar alone; only with other foods.

Now why would I say that?  There are two answers to that. The first: because deprivation is the most fattening thing you can have! It  is the worst thing you can do.  If Suzie says: ” I’m never going to have sugar again, I’m throwing everything out of my house, I’m only going to eat protein and vegetables ever again”, she is setting herself up to fail.  You don’t want to deprive yourself, because that is going to make you want it all that much more.

You will fixate on it.  You’ll say: I’m never going to have chocolate cake again.  Then you’re going  to a fiesta and see chocolate and you will be drooling over it and you’ll go crazy.  Then you wind up with three or four pieces because you didn’t have any for two weeks.  ( That’s what a sugar addict does, they compromise themselves and make it okay that way.)

Think Mount Everest, that’s the tallest Mountain you can climb.  If you climb up there, you’re coming down. And when you went up that high, you’re coming down all that much faster. However, if you eat your sugar with other foods, it will slow down the absorption and you will avoid the high spikes. Then it’s like gentle rolling meadows.

And that’s how your blood sugars are going to flow in  your body, like a nice rolling meadow. Just think if you were on your bicycle, you can easily handle those Rolling Meadows. But if you try to bicycle up Mount Everest, you’re not going to be able to do it. And when you don’t have those high peaks you don’t come down as fast. It will become much easier for you over time to control your blood sugar peaks and valleys.

Now how do you implement never eating sugar alone?  There are several different ways to do it.  One is to have it with your meal. And that’s what I recommend. If you’re out to a buffet, or you’re going to some sort of wedding that has a buffet style:  just put what YOU want to eat on your plate. Even include your desert on your plate with your dinner.

A little different?  Yes. But it’s certainly fine and acceptable.

Another scenario:  you’re going to a family gathering, a Fourth of July picnic, or a Thanksgiving Day dinner, or a Christmas party it doesn’t matter.  Whatever you want: look at all the food, whether it’s a sit down dinner or a buffet, take a look at the table and decide on what three main foods you want to eat that day in that sitting.

If your desert is the primary food you want at that event, and you don’t care if you eat anything else : that’s okay.  Put that piece of pie on your plate, and then have your piece of chicken and your cup of green beans or whatever it is and enjoy your meal. That way you’re going to control your sugar spikes. This will work for you over time with a little bit of a practice.

A little tip in implementing this: I always keep a little cheat sheet with me so I don’t  let my emotions dictate to me what I  do when I get to my event. I will think about where I’m going when my husband will be driving.  This is not a big deal.  Just write it down on a little piece of paper. Write the three things you are going to eat. It is amazing how well  you will stick with your plan by writing it down as opposed to just letting your emotions dictate what you’re going to eat.

And that is my number 2 recommendation that anyone can implement  immediately at any event anywhere in the world. It works in real life for real people.